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Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:

Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:

Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:

Hi, I've made a new version of my game, if you want to play it, here's the link:

Amazing, thank you very much!

I'll try out for my project and see what I can do. 

Thank you for your help!!

Hi, thanks for playing my early prototype! I want to implement these flashbacks so if "collected" enough of them, unblock extra content.  I like the suggestion of the first person, so I'll try to change it and see if I like the results! Thanks, you were really helpful!

Thank you for playing my early prototype! I can see your point, I'll try to describe his behaviour more with actions than just talk about how he feels, you got a point there!

I'll give it another try for sure :D
I am trying to receive as much feedback as I can on my early prototype for my final project, if you want to help a stranger out! :D

I like everything about it!
The visual is really pleasant, I like the concept and the way you used Ren'Py. I am using it too, can I ask you for some help?
Can you tell me how you managed to upload the web version on itch? When I tried it wasn't working.
And if it's not asking too much, can you link a tutorial about the use of the camera (I like how the camera slowly moves) and how did you manage to change the height of the text?
Thanks in advance!

A nice concept but I felt a bit lost because I had no clue of what I supposed to do. Just wandering around and clicking random stuff.

The visual in the game caught me already! I chose to be a girl, who wants to meet a guy, and find a frog, but when she asks "What's in your mouth?" The game gets stucked. No matter if you click or press the spacebar, nothing happens.
I really wanted to see what was going to happen after that

I think it might be an interesting concept, but I didn't understand much of what happened. Maybe with a little bit more context, it might be easier for the player to enjoy it!

Nice game! I just found it a bit hard to press shift and coordinate the direction but it might be just me. 
It's a nice concept :)

Thanks! I am working on getting better with Unity :D

There's nothing to be ashamed of! Keep going and good luck with the future jams!

Nice combination!

Great animation!

It's nice to look at, but the theme it's not quite there in my opinion.

Bonus level vibes!

The concept is there, maybe you could have said that it's a tablet instead of a smartphone? It looks massive to be a phone.

Not bad, but I think the concept it's not too original

For a second I had post-traumatic stress from Shenmue (the forklift) but yeah, you nailed the theme!

Maybe it doesn't fit 100% the theme, but still cool!

Nice melody

At least it was easier to discover with google maps!

Ahahahah I really want this to be an enemy in a videogame!

No matter if the stargate was made before, the concept it's still cool!

Cool pun

OMG this is so cool and cute at the same time!!

I think you really nailed the theme! Well done!

Nice pixel art :)

Nice, for one second it reminded me Crash Bandicoot :P

Ahahahah funny concept :D

Your game looks already professional! Congratulations, I like all the details you added!

Thanks for your feedback! I am going through the unity tutorials, so hopefully I'll learn soon how to restart the game and add other details!

First of all, good job for making this game in less than 12 hours!
I am not sure if I was doing something wrong, but when I was shooting, 2 enemies died but I couldn't kill the other enemies.

I think that's a great start! If you want to carry on the project, you might add more levels and get deeper into the story!

Really touching, I hope you never stop trying to fulfill your dreams.

Good job, I am learning Unity as well!
The mechanic works perfectly fine and I like the concept!