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A member registered Oct 30, 2019

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please add highly femdom content     main mc becomes slave of female 

is this game have femdom female domination content ?

is this the end of the current game version ?

what to do after choosing dark mother ?

how to use saved files with new version ?

add femdom content

how to play ?

is this include femdom ?

how can I find new residents and available build house for blacksmith ?

which is best way to play ? play on your website or download zip file please help 

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i played full game the story currently ends on 83 or 86 because when i played story ends on 83 days and of old saves what to do in future in upcoming version how to use saved files ?

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copy the new file and paste it on old files? will this work to recover saved files? and how to use old saved files of 0.4 version in 0.5.7 version please help 

ok check your discord then 

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is there any way in game in which susan became my girlfriend or i became her slave please tell me 

amazing game bro 

game have femdom content ?

thanks bro problem solved ur discord community is very helpful

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please make a ton launcher like u make a ton laucher for ur game treasure of nadia please 

this chest also how to go to chest ?

how to find this chest or go to this chest and how  to find all chests please reply and help 

great experience

why no windows version available on itch 

what are these different balances ?

does this include femdom ?

what this game is basically about ?

after corrupting all characters what to do next ? i corrupted all characters 

im here now in story 

As morning dawns, you wake up and feel your head hurting. Ouch... What the hell? 

bro best html based game loved it 

ok thanks

doctor ke pass jaake kya karna hai ? please @tronron99

ok squalmart gaya meh vah nahi mila

nitroglyerin and basic container   how to get these ? please this

bro when will u release 

Lust Epidemic - v.61042 your this game in ton installer auto updater format if u not planning then please plan and release 

please this bro 

bro i was waiting for this game after seeing your post on pateron    can u please tell me i play as male character or female character ?

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how many days of story this new version covered ?

 You cannot use your old saves from previous versions with this update!

is this true i cant use my old saved games like copy and pasting this game file to old files ?

how to update java?

worst game 0stars 

bro story line good but make girls look more sexy hot they look very ugly in this version