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So interesting! The randomized killer concept is so cool.

I’m so interested in this game! The art is gorgeous, the story is intriguing, and I’m really loving the chatacters! And while I like the Sherwood side,  the Nottingham side has stolen my heart completely lol. The fact that Meissa is my favorite love interest so far certainly contributes to that haha; they’re so my type personality-wise and looks-wise. I love them sm already.  I’m definitely planning on being a backer 💖

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Loved the demo! The GUI and art are both so gorgeous to look at. And I'm loving all the love interests so far! My personal favorite is Lemos. He's a real sweetheart when he wants to be, huh? His and the MC's banter was super fun to read too. Speaking of the MC, I adore her! Her personality is so fun! Also, the overarching plot is really intriguing to me; I'm interested to know how the MC's grandma is connected to everything. I will definitely be following this game!

This game is so gorgeous and interesting! The story, characters, art, GUI, soundtrack, and voice acting are all so great! I'm super excited for the full release. Jori is my fave LI so far. (Definitely glad he was able to get a route!) I'm interested in and loving the somewhat off-putting vibes he's giving off.