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hello! Your game sounds wonderful and I’d love to play it but I was wondering if explicit scenes are optional? Thank you very much!

dude oh my god. oh my god. ive never even watched someone play the game but i love this so much. first, im able to follow really well despite only having a general idea of the story. second, i love bastion so much oh my gosh. im so psyched for this game

a calm, cute game with company i find much more attractive than  i should. it's very well written and i love the questions you can ask.

I adore this game. i dont know what it is about it but every now and then i'll just get a craving to play it again. maybe its the atmosphere, the wonderful characters, the interesting plot; there's just something about it that i just keep coming back to. thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story!

ok there we go, did I do it right? Thank you for letting me know!

I honestly didn’t consider that this was a demo so the pace of things might be different than it would be in the full game. I hope you didn’t mind my completely unwarranted and uneducated opinion xD And thank you so much for the response! I was thinking he’d be way more slow burn so I’m excited to see how that develops in the end. 

Also if you don’t mind the question, you said you wanted to try both IF and visual novel formats, hence the VN demo and IF full game. Which did you like making more? Do you have any opinions on either format that you don’t mind sharing? 

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oh man ok so. lots of spoilers in this, please be aware!

i played reed's route first and. oh my god. hes not even my type but he kinda? is now?? his character is so so well developed and fleshed out. he has so many small quirks that make his character feel alive and i *love* it. the scene after visiting his brother is. holy cats. i replayed it like three times, heh... seriously, its so well written.

then i played laurent's and i didnt feel the same oomph, he wasnt quite as fleshed out. i felt kinda bad cause it didnt really feel like mc returned his feelings, which im sure is hard to portray. i just didnt sense the tension or growing feelings as much with him. in fact, reed was brought up several times in his route, especially in places i thought laurant would be. (i.e., after you get back to your apt after laurent is shot and you take a shower, theres no worrying or contemplating the blood on your hands thats mentioned, but reed's housewarming gift was.) 

the game as a whole is so interesting. i loved my first play through, trying to put pieces together and figure out who you are WITH the mc. my second play though i realized just how much what we smell is mentioned and its such a brilliant quirk for a character with that power to have. of COURSE a character that can smell emotions would notice the scent of lipstick and floor cleaner more readily than others. and the fact that what they smell is mentioned, not just when emotions are involved, is such good writing.

overall its a really interesting story. im very focused on the romance aspect of these games so i hope my very centered review is ok lol. thank you so much for uploading this!

(oh and the art style is so so cool ok thats all)

loved the game!! it was super fun and the character personalities were so lovable. the art is so homey too!

i did finish all of the good endings and i feel like i now know things i shouldnt... 👀

you goal was a growing together, soft but exciting adventure and you achieved that. the writing itself was just like how a DM would speak and the slow growth of the budding relationship with your love interest was so heartwarming. i think my favorite part though was the small note to the reader at the end <3 thank you so much for sharing this game!!

Oh wOW this drew me in so quickly! I’m thrilled that I was asked about eye contact and loud noises, I can’t wait to see how that’ll be used. I’m honestly really impressed by the amount of customization there is. Each character is very individualized too and, while I’ll have a hard time remembering who’s who (yay cheat sheet in description), they’re all unique and I’m excited to get to know them. 

can’t wait for the next chapter!

i actually loved the dialogue, it was so funny. but the whole game was super cute and very well made. kudos!

ohhh my gosh this game is so n i c e. the art style, the music, the sound design, its all just so pleasant. i adore this game, its so clearly made with love :D

I love this game so much!! its exactly the kind of management game thats hard to find but fun to play. I'm hoping to get the bought version soon, it absolutely deserves it.

There does seem to be a bug where it loses all of your settlers when you come back to a save. ive been playing on crazy games so it may be site specific. please let me know if theres any information i can provide to help!

what the song is awesome!! what is it? i love the art of this and the sound effects- the vibe of the whole game is very cohesive so it makes for a unique experience! very well done :D

you. i like how you think >:D

oh my g o d I was not ready for something this well written. I am blown away by your choice to have us literally type out our last words, that is genius. Good lord. You’re gonna blow this out of the water I tell you what

this is such a genuinely cute lil game. it's simple and fun to manage! fun time killer :D (cute graphics too)

This game has BEAUTIFUL art and each stage of your pet is very cute!! Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get each ending soon :D

i want you to know that meeting malkreth almost made me CRY. shes just so kind and such a sweetheart, i want to hug her so much!! oh man, i just. 🥺 im excited to get to know the rest, great job on this game!

i have no words but i need you to know how enraptured i was in this story. oh w o w. i need to sit down for a while. thank you so much for this game oh my gosh

I've played this through two times now and some how the second play through was even more emotional to me. This game is so soft with such gentle feelings about real things. I'll never get over this game- thank you so much for sharing it!!

i am too much of a blushy mess for this oh god ≧ ﹏ ≦


i dont know if it was worth it but... i enjoyed it. i enjoyed it a lot. my magic meat box has received it's happy chemicals, and i hope this comment does the same for yours :D

man. wow. yeah thats kinda all i got. 10/10 fall from confusion and anxiety to acceptance. im glad hannah knew what was up so we had someone to be with.

oh my god ive never reacted so intensely to one of these games holy stars this got me sO HARD. no the small moments and just- im sorry i only just ended so im still so flustered i just- thank you so  much for this im gonna replay this for sure

im in love oh my god this is the sweetest game i want soup and to run a lil soup shop  and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa send help i love this so much 🥺💕

thw style is so perfect for this kinda game and its genuinely really fun!! you actually WANT to keep going to reach the end!

this was actually really good! i dont think it was overdone and nothing really came out of left feild or anything, just enough for suspense. the q&a was fun to play too! very good atmosphere

its so cute! something that stood out to me was the potted plants, i love how they hop a bit its so adorable.

at first, i kinda thought this was gonna be horror game disguised as a cute game lol. but nope, its just a fluffy lil pink game, i like it a lot!! (the little buns outside were my favorite)

god, i still love this game so much. it's just so interesting and gripping and :OO also, your weekly updates are much appreciated!! i'm so impressed by your ability to push on despite the setbacks you've had. you're doing great!!