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It’s a recipe. You create David Attenborough, who will play Very Big Puppy with the energy from Place i should not be up right now it’s so late good game scary 5 stars

Tuck this flyer in your favorite matching game to give everyone a puppy to grow.​

Both scary and endearing. Politely creepy. If they were a type of sandwich, they’d be butter! Smooth.

Lost to time haunts the town, rings its bell and fills its rivers. Anchored, circle, listen, enter.

An environmentalist’s binding of isaac. Content warning: body horror.

Vinyl spirit thickened by 2020 and plated with a smattered “order up”. Shock horror.

charmingly low-key. Terrifyingly equipped. Tools of revolution balance harvest forever. An environment changing.

A song you hear everytime you wake up and it’s morning and forget when you remember where you slept.


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Community copies:

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

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Community copies:

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝 🗝

​This game’s neat! I like the juxtapositions of the bark and the barn and the limestone and the concrete and the minerals and the paints. The way they complement the steps are soft and lean into you and work. A game about material as much as Dialect is a game about language.

Played: 1 session

Is “This isn’t hangman anymore.” a good or a bad thing?

That’s such an impossible question! Is it a good thing? I thought it was a good thing. But now i don’t know! Maybe it isn’t. Thank you for the question.

I hope the ratings encourage conversation. With the ratings seen as a starting point. For thinking about a project with further conversation in the comments where ratings fail the ways we feel. It doesn’t feel like i answered your question, but i hope it helped in its own way.

I love this thing.

This is the best.

I like incrementing the sizes. Thank you for making this!

cloudshear community · Created a new topic Notes

Sun rays

Sun rays that have names and locations is an idea that matured while playing Sandy Pug Games’ The Destined earlier this year. playthrough

I’m really glad to have had a creative project like cloudshear where i don’t have to think too much about how to build a game out and could instead focus down and develop a setting and set it in a functional engine and just have it work. It felt highly collaborative and conversational throughout the design process, and i hope it shows here.

Bye 2020!

cloudshear community · Created a new topic Reviews

You have feelings for it? Neat. What are they? Lemme see.

cloudshear community · Created a new topic Comments

You read it? What do you think? Leaves! Is everything a remix?

cloudshear community · Created a new topic Questions

table-to-table conversion chitter

This thing’s terrifying! v effective at teaching me how i no nothing when there’s a clock ticking down. I felt like the planet was exploding.

What a clean port to a head-to-head play format AND to another dimension of asymmetric play. it seems like something that if you walk up on and you see people playing you’re like ‘okay what have you done to this game?’ and you like really interest them, and you know they walk right up to you and start asking ‘can I play? this looks really cool?’

But then also there is the other aspect where it’s not one game person writing all the stuff it’s two different people with two different pens on the same surface writing two different solutions to the same game, and I think that’s a notable, impressionable importance and very very very strong statement to make today so thank you for posting!

I also love how this design doesn’t stop there from being more than two people playing if you have two people up on the board writing letters and strokes they can still field the questions from away from them in the group which still functions here in a meaningful way and that’s also cool.

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You take everyone’s stuff^ & then tell them they win. 10/Fae


  • How to take their stuff^
  • Why take their stuff^
  • Where to take their stuff^
  • Who takes their stuff^
  • When to stop taking stuff^


  • If you take their stuff^
  • If you don’t take their stuff^
  • If you try to take their stuff^

Doesn’t care:

  • If you give them too much stuff^
  • If you wouldn’t take their stuff^
  • If you hate taking stuff^

^ ( gentleness, kindness, joy, home, and on and in. )

Gentleman’s single-round triple triad.

The only gondalas around me are lifts, are they run by the same people? I just don’t want to risk any harm. Thank you!

Oh no i didn’t mention how much i love the ascii snake, its the best! I’m smiling about it even noe.

I love these games. I’m the worst at them. They’re so hard. I think my hit ratio of verbs is somewhere on the order of 5 to 10 out of 100 commands i input are valid at each vector. I always feel like i go in the exact opposite direction with the story’s intent.

The important thing is i always try.

these numbers look neat:

there is now a lean-to where demos of people writing in lesser-used languages are held.

That epilogue evicerates childhood. It’s v effective. The game ends.

While reading this, i imagined playing with hands of spindlewheel cards for selecting what supporting role you have in any scene. If you fail a roll, the person to your left adds your card to their hand. Anyone can give a card to the Gatekeeper to reroll any one dice.

Neat game. Gets me thinking. Thanks for making it live. You don’t have it linked! Here it is:

I’m glad i could see someone else in their process. Felt like study hall or a brainstorm session or something.

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I didn’t think you’d unlock the spells. That was a pleasant surprise​. I was like “i thought there were spells” & then i twice got Disastrous and won and learned. There are spells.

I like this and your magus is v cute.

omG it’s codeMonkey for conlanging! i love this. Thank you for making it. I made a “little speak” system for days a couple months back. Dives like panamai are fun.

Whoa! that’s such an easy change. But i never would have thought of it. I like your diagrams. They’re cool. Do you want to play? I want to play. Here’s the phase:

you are cool

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Like verbally describing butterflies to someone diffusing a butterfly bomb.

words this game puts next to one another and says is fine:

| collective | willingness |

| Committee | Teethiness |

| Just | Make |

| Cooked | Eggs |

This wears baby shoes like minaudiere

Exceptional punctuated: What did it exist?

The settings on that stun lance!

& the map is so dead-on, just looking at it was enough to trigger my theme park anxiety.

Every bullet is it’s own splash of setting, brick-like both in foundation and density. Unpacking each one feels like is a calendar of tiny doors hiding titanic chocolates.

And the stats on those dinosaurs scream “find” “another “way”.

You didn’t give the are-they-heavy-well-then-they-re-expensive-put-them-back binoculars any mechanics, did you? …You did! And it’s perfect!

Scariest part: You gave cocaine a sequel.

Oh, and I know i’ve never gotten over the promotional material plastered over my paychecks, but seeing promos on the liability waiver brought that right to my forethought and i felt, in that moment, seen in a way both tasteful and imperative.

All the above covers maybe 100 of the 2000-word dear that is this lovingly bowed letter-fold adventure pamphlet. Print it out online or at the office store to give it out as a stocking stuffer for the person in your life with the dino pj bottoms to let them know you know them good.

I love all of this. You guys are the best.

idk what i am

Clean. Strong.

I made these with the game files. You can have them! They might work in Tabletop Simulator or something.

Ouija Werewolf! 💖

I set submissions to close at December 11.

I set game ratings to close at January 15.

So, a month to make.

& then a month to talk about what each other made.