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So, I have an idea for a combat system with this plugin, however, I'm not sure how it would work. Basically, I wanna have 4 actors on the field fighting against 4 enemies, with 3 skills each, unrelated to the card system. Instead, I want the card system to come into play with the items instead. Instead of building a deck around skills, you'd be building a deck around items.

Would this idea work in this plugin as it is now?

Would it be possible to make enemies drop items if defeated by a certain skill, like the quest items in Dragon Quest 9?

I haven't bought the plugin yet, but is it possible for there to be multiple party members in battle? Or to limit which cards a class can use? Or to limit the amount of actions each actor can take per round?

Maybe just have it follow one?

Maybe just have it follow one?

For the camera movement, the camera could follow the projectile itself. And with collision, perhaps it could just act like an animation, with it just coming from the shooter, and when it reaches the target it plays the attack animation. Just some ideas to help you decide!

Would you consider making an extension for projectiles? (if those aren't included in the two extensions)

Well, since the main franchise is already a tower defence, I decided to make it like a spinoff in another genre. And what will be in the extensions update?

I'm making a Plants vs Zombies TTRPG fangame. I want to make sure the game feels as authentic as a TTRPG of PvZ can be, almost as if it were made by PopCap and EA themselves.

Oh, and another thing. Is it possible to have an enemy/actor be able to fly over terrain? Like, be able to cross even the no move regions?

So I suppose it's currently not possible to make events happen whenever a character is below a certain HP percentage?

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Unfortunately, what I have in mind is that the player is in a 1v2 battle with one player and two enemies. Unfortunately, adding another battler would compromise that! If it can't be done with the dead condition, could it be possible to make the event occur when the character's HP drops too low instead?

Will it also fix the bug where you can only select the actors in your party?

Not sure why the console would be different, but...

Yeah, exacrly!

Nope, there are more maps that are configured.

Nope, there are more maps that are configured.


I just got the new version, but the same thing still happens.

How do I set up the default enemies?

When will the daily rewards plugin be released in early access?

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Well, I don't want the zombies to spawn with any states applied. It's not the cause since it happens with and without. It also haopens without VisuStella, so it's not that either.

I've come across yet another error. When I set the region specific enemies in the settings, there's an error saying "Unexpedtec toxen u in JSON position 0." I'm trying to set an enemy to spawn in Region 4, but it doesn't work. Here's the map setup.

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Oh, that was it! Thanks! Now, I'm sorry for all the questions, but how would I make an event that happens when a character dies, where they are revived immediately? In my tutorial battle, the Peashooter (the only actor) is very weak and prone to dying, and as this is the tutorial battle, i'd like it to automatically revive when killed. However, when I set the defeat event, the game over happens instead of reviving the Peashooter.

Now the player gets to move multiple times. If I set the enemy agility to 1, I somehow instantly lose. I'd much rather prefer that the actors move once per turn regardless of agility...

They all have the same Agility stat.

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Sorry for the bombardment, but I have two gripes. First, is that for some unexplained reason, the enemies always get 3 actions instead of 1 before the party does.  I don't know why it's doing this, but I have no way to fix it. It would be very unfair to have the enemies act three times  before anyone else can! Here's the database setup and the plugin setup.

Also, a more minor problem. I want all the levels to be replayable, but have a reward that is only given the first time you beat it that shows up alongside dropped items. I could add it to the victory event under a conditional branch, but then it doesn't show up in the battle results as it isn't a drop item. I could also add it as a drop item to a monster, but then every monster of that type will drop it in every level it's in, and making a whole new monster that drops it every level would be a hassle.

Yeah. That's what happens. i have 5 actors total. Four in the party (that are already placed), and 1 in reserve (the lonely Cabbage-pult). Cabbage-pult can't be placed down unless I place him in the active party, but then I have to leave someone else out.

Oh, and also, I'd like for the player to be able to select any actor that's currently in the party (active or not), to be on the battle. I plan to have 40+ actors that can be used, and I've set up the map to have a maximum of 6 actors, but I can only place 4, which are the ones in the active party. (Cabbage-pult is in the reserve party, and I can't place him on the map)

So I have a problem. I tried making the second pattern (the 3x3 area two tiles away from user, and i set it up like this:

However, in game it looks like this, which obviously is not how it's meant to look. Because of this, the skill is completely useless and is essentially just a glorified End Turn.

(also, i'd like to know how i can change the icons on the turn order from the character sprite (which is cut off at a very weird place) to a picture file, or at least change the offset.)

Also, how do I make attacks hit random enemies? It doesn't seem to work when just doing it in the database.

So, I want to have a variety of different attacks with unique patterns. How would I make these? The red represents the user, and the green represents the affected area. It would be best if single-target and multi-target versions could be provided.

It's amazing what you can do witb this engine! I wouldn't be surprised if you came out with a functioning tower defense system next!


Would you consider separating this from Akea? It seems like it would be great for games, but it really stinks that you pretty much have to use a whole new battle system for this.

this is really free now?

huh, i could've sworn this plugin used to cost money

will you make this for MZ too?

I think you should add nicknames like in Pokemon and Dragon Quest Monsters! It would really be nice to add your own personal flair to the monsters you capture. If this is added, there should be an option to have 3-5 default names for each captured monster!

Are you EVER going to release another free plugin?