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why doesn't the pay with card option show up when I try to get this?

Oh, I meant by other developers, not just you.

Is there another game like this with humans instead?

Can it be made pixel perfect in the Follow mode?

Are you sure this is usable commercially? I know there aren't any Final Fantasy assets used, but I'm worried that using this in a commercial project could cause some issues...

Then how would I force it to? Would I have to rewrite the entire plugin?

Is there a way to trick this plugin into working with MV? What in the code would I have to change?

Has anyone made something like this for MV?

Well, isn't it just an extra jump check that's "Can Only Jump To Same/Higher/Lower Regions" at the same time?

I think there should be an option to make it so the player can jump to the same region, and also regions that are higher and lower by 1.

So when is this going to be fully released?

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The plugin doesn't work with MK_Core by Aerosys...

Not to be shady, but what does this have that VisuStella's free Button Assist Window doesn't other than icons?

what's going on? why is everything suddenly going free?

I can't wait to find  ME way out of this store after the power...

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I've also noticed the problem that it's not possible to select the troops the enemies appear in. When I run into an enemy, all I can encounter is a single one, and for a game with a party of 4, that could get very troublesome unless I'm missing something. I'd much prefer to be able to encounter normal troops rather than one enemy at a time! Also, a lot of enemies are spawning in places they really shouldn't, such as in trees and in the middle of the ocean.

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Would it be possible to have a way to make the bestiary more compact? For example, as it is now the page looks very empty.

I feel like it would look a lot better if it were laid out like this.

It shows all the necessary information in an easier to see way, and while it may not look sleek, it looks more professional with much less empty space. Also, putting a box around the overworld sprite would make it look less tacked on, and a turn around would provide some more interest. Just some friendly suggestions, even though this may not be being updated anymore! Also, I think the SP Parameters should be able to be switched out with elemental/status resistances, as those are more important for the player than the Pharmacology or TP Cost Rate, things a lot of developers don't change anyway.

Is there any way I can set up some enemies to only appear in certain regions or when certain switches are on? And is there a way to have the enemies refresh when a switch turns on or off?

Yes, I just wanna know the reason for the price increase because it seems weird to me that a plugin that was previously worth 3 dollars is now suddenly worth more than double the price without any new features or anything.

I bought this plugin for 3 dollars, and boy I sure am glad I did. The price mysteriously changed to 8 dollars some time ago, and nothing's been added to justify this price increase. What's going on? Why did the price suddenly go up so much?

Is this really the only plugin that automatically chooses the face image depending on the name?

Still absolutely nothing. It still only hits downwards and for some reason it still hits all enemies despite being single target in the editor.

Nope, it's generally every facing attack that hits all enemies. I don't know why it's so specific, as attacks that hit all enemies but aren't facing work.

I mean when the turn order window resets. But what I don't get is why the Sunbeam skill, which directly copies a pattern from the demo and doesn't have any reserve turns set, only works when facing downwards, and even less why you can't fix it. Should I just hand over the project itself for an investigation?

But the skill doesn't activate on the next turn as it should! This whole thing with the facing attacks seems to be a me problem only... What is this curse that's befallen me?!

Here's with an unchanged Slash and Fire I:

And here it is after copying the settings for Flame (and changing the range to be the original)

Wait, I found out the problem! One thing all of them have in common is that they're facing attacks. And upon further testing, I found out for some reason, they only work when aimed  downwards (the default direction) and not any other direction.  This is a graphic showing what I mean.

It seems that the problem is with facing attacks. They only work when aimed downwards, but when aimed up, left, or right they don't work.

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This is a video of the skills in "action" (posted on an old channel because i'd rather not pollute my main channel). As you can  see, most of the skills don't do anything at all. Weirdly, Avalanche worked even though it doesn't usually. Also notice how when Snow Pea used Snowstorm, it only hit the one zombie that wasn't in range of the attack.

Here's the entirety of my plugins:

(Though the issues still happen in the demo)

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And on further testing, this happens with the default Fire skill in the demo too!

EDIT: And Slash too. Oh, and the Ice 1/2/3 and Blizzard spells in the demo have no range whatsoever except the tile directly on top of the user, neither does the Silence skill, or Paralyze, or Fire III, or Flame II, or Quake I. But for whatever reason Flame I works fine...

Nope, but another skill with the same setup does and the same thing happens.

Here's the skill settings: {"Animation Type":"target","Animation Character":"","Animation Character Index":"0","Animation Character Priority":"0","Action View":"map","Attack Pattern":"normal","Attack Range":"3","Exclusion Pattern":"normal","Exclusion Range":"0","Facing Attack":"true","Damage Pattern":"normal","Splash Range":"3","Exclusion Damage Pattern":"normal","Damage Exclusion Range":"0","Required Terrain ID":"-1","No Through":"true","Knockback Range":"0","Suction Range":"0","Teleport":"false","Swap":"false","Contact Layers":"[\"0\",\"1\",\"2\"]","Contact Terrain":"[]","Contact Regions":"[]","Skill Cost Configuration":"","Use Allies":"0","Ally Reduce Cost":"false","Ally Increase Cost":"false","Ally Power Reduce":"false","Ally Power Increase":"false","Use Enemies":"0","Enemy Reduce Cost":"false","Enemy Increase Cost":"false","Enemy Power Reduce":"false","Enemy Power Increase":"false","Share Cost Allies":"0","Share Cost Enemies":"0","Cool Turns":"0","Reserve Turns":"0","Reserve Area Graphic":"","Reserve Area Graphic Index":"0","Reserve Area Graphic Direction":"2","Reserve Area Graphic Priority":"1","Reserve Animation":"1","Reserve Action Balloon":"","Placement Trap Configuration":"","Trap Trigger Count":"0","Always Trigger Trap":"false","Trigger Animation":"1","Character File":"","Character Index":"0","Placement Animation":"1","Trap Area Graphic":"","Trap Area Graphic Index":"0","Trap Area Graphic Direction":"2","Trap Area Graphic Priority":"0","Trap Target":"all"}

And in the database:

Now there's another problem. First, I've noticed damage numbers have stopped appearing and I don't know why. But the main problem is AoE skills don't work at all. They show the range, but then when i press enter to use them it skips the turn and does nothing! What's going on? And also, I want this skill to only affect a 3x3 radius, but extra tiles on the sides appear that I can't remove. How do I fix these 3 issues?

Actual MV animations, like the ones created by selecting "Create MV-compatible Data"

That's been fixed, but now there's an even weirder problem where MV-compatible animations stay on screen for the entire battle after they've finished.

Just look! Those green splats aren't tiles, they're animations. They stick around forever until the battle ends and I have no clue why. Sure, i could add an empty frame to the end of it so it would vanish, but the animation would still technically be there, just invisible. What's going on?

Also, how does enemy level actually work? Does it scale to the player's level?

Is there a way to see what level an enemy is? I have the Initial Level and Max Level set, but I'm worried that the enemies will end up way above the player's level, like you encounter an enemy at level 4 but the enemy is level 99, and right now I don't think there's a way to check.

Here's a screenshot of what happens when I click on the skill after the first turn

So I have a very strange problem that's happening. I decided to start a whole new project using the updated version of this plugin, but a strange problem is happening. It starts normally in battle, with me being able to choose a character and move them. But then on the second turn, suddenly they become completely worthless. Their skill list is empty and it says "No Status Info" when checking the status. This is the only plugin I have, and the console says nothing.

This is before the first enemy turn:

And after, see how there's nothing?

For some reason, this also happens in the demo project with Michelle. This weird problem ruins the whole plugin, and I really need a fix! Also, another problem is that the damage numbers appear on top of the attacker instead of the target, which is very weird.