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A bit of feedback

Ive played for 30-40 minutes now and only found one single weapon, which was from the tutorial and I reached the second floor multiple times. If there really are 50 weapons then you should really find something in the first level consistently.

The items seem to vanish in one usage or two? maybe they all should have like 3 charges or so, especially with how you often don't have one, that would make it more engaging.

Finding near zero items (which also vanish instantly) and zero weapons made me lose interest quickly as of the current state.

The art is really cool tho, especially second level. Things are often very hard to see and distinguish in general (pickups, enemies etc), and the UI is pretty small also. Maybe a UI slider would help in that case. Second level ran at 15 FPS or so however (TitanXP, i9-7920x)