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You got a real scare out of me lol!

The sound was great, the monster sound was great, and the mechanics are great.

This game has potential. Definitely recommend.

No problem bro, we are all in this together.  We have to help each other in whatever means necessary. Let me know when you want me to try out the updated version! YEET!

This game has potential! I LOVED IT!

Here is my gameplay/review hopefully you like it.

P.S. My score is 3200, lets see who can beat me.

This is a really good game, and the ambiance is killer. The sound ques are on point with the monsters. The art style is GREAT! loved the way they were drawn. You guys have great potential, and seriously consider doing it as a full game with a story.

No problem, I genuinely like this game. Literally you can make a game similar to that of Pillars of Destiny. The story is on point. You guys have potential, and have a follower base that love your games. Seriously keep it going guys!

This game is phenomenal! Though text-based, it still tests your limits of your risk taking. The story was well done, and a mayor plot twist. The graphics are also very well drawn, colored, and even some animations. Keep making these types!

Thank you for this game, and seriously keep making these type of games to raise awareness. I love this game, though short I cried after the recording. I related so much, and really patched up some negative thoughts I have been having recently. 

Much Love,

Shrekster 5000

Gave it a try, and I might just buy buy the game to give it a full playthrough.

Hello everyone,

I just played the demo and it is RAGE! lol Love the game though.

Hello everyone!

I just did a Let's Play of Lonely Things, and I was really freaked out. The ambiance was on point and the way the story was portrayed was good too. I did fell off the map though hahahaha. Seriously give it a go people, this can be a great game. Oh, and jamiesime, keep it going, and keep developing it. This has potential. 

Here is the link: