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I downloaded this game from google play but the app kept kicking me out whenever I tried playing it. Then I downloaded it from the app store but the app kept kicking me out whenever I tried opening it.

Processor is 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics is Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Is it fine if you were to add an option to change graphic settings and camera sensitivity? I was having a hard time navigating due to how laggy it was and how low my camera sensitivity was.

Interesting. Too bad I wasn't much of an explorer.

The application is damaged. (I'm on mac)

.jar file? Now that's new. Well done and thanks for giving me something to play.

This story was good. I loved the fact that I screamed my ass off those ghosts that were chasing me.

This game looks scarier than I thought. I do look forward to its development.


At first I questioned the absence of the room 308 and then I saw the significant role it plays.

I'm from the future and yes there will be (there is now).

For some reason when I started the game, all it showed was a black screen. (the dialogue was there though)


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Your welcome.

That was beautiful.

Just to let you know that the file is falsely labelled for Linux and Mac.

Me too. To get Ending 2 you need to score 1000 points and then escape.

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I am yet to get Ending 2 and 3.

Hmm alright. I wonder how being approved for the developer program by apple works.

Me too.

Oh. Now I see what I did wrong.

"Mac build, notarization is not yet in place which means some Mac OS have trouble opening the game, working on this now! "

Does this explain why I can't open it at all?

I am glad that I got a taste of this game.

This reminds me of Scary Maze Game.

Well done. You increased my emotion of fear.

Lmao was it really just some zombie running towards you and then tripping?


I remember when Mediagamesguide played this. Now I am glad I played this myself.

glad that you advertised this.

I am so glad I played this.

It indeed is.

I feel bad for killing the families.

Aight then.


When I try to use ctrl +movement keys it doesnt seem to work.

I am a mac user btw.

Never knew that the game would be so hyperactive lol.

Your welcome.

No thank you. I am unready but thanks for offering.