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I like how the thing is friendly at first. Makes it all the more creepy when it starts hunting you. Great art, great atmosphere, well done!

I got to what I assume was the final boss, the big demon & (assuming you count the tutorial when you say there’s three floors), but I didn’t beat him. Then I stopped playing because I felt like I’d seen everything the combat had to offer.

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Hey this is pretty sick! Found this randomly on the new releases page of roguebasin. You should post it on the roguelikes subreddit!

My feedback:

  • maybe add a marker indicating where the weapon will hit, to make it a bit easier to aim
  • besides weaving back and forth, the combat doesn’t have much depth. I’d suggest having the weapon function as a shield when not attacking. So to block you would angle yourself towards the left so that the parenthesis is between you and the enemy’s weapon. I feel this would make gank rooms more fair.
  • maybe change the name? It’s pretty terrible at conveying what the game is. It’s neither infinite, nor has any connection with nethack (the “hack” part of the name is why I even clicked on your game in the first place). Don’t have a good idea tough, maybe something dumb and easy like Super Slasher, or IncanDescent (like it’s super hot but also you descend lol), or maybe Time Attack, or The Hourglass Dungeon.

I’d love to see more of this prototype!

Pretty neat, really charming simple visuals. Are you sure each seed is beatable? Seems like it’s really easy to screw yourself, especially with the reliance on random items from dungeons. Not much of a fan of that particular aspect, especially since the design doesn’t really give you a way to unstuck yourself (since for instance you can’t weaken a strong enemy by attacking it multiple times, you just can’t engage it).

I like the concept, but I don’t really understand how “deterministic puzzle combat” and “random dungeon loot” are supposed to fit together… Seems a bit like a cursed problem (search GDC cursed problems on youtube). If you knew the possible rewards before entering a dungeon, you could more easily chart a path and avoid a good few screwups.

Neat. Where did you get the music track?