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UPDATE! - I've added markers to keep track of the yum-yum-star-systems you encounter. Also there are now 16 different systems to find. BON APPETIT!

Cool, Thanks =D

I've played pokemon on twitch but that was a nightmare. I like this experience way better because I can see my avatar affecting the state of things.

Also can someone please save me I'm stuck on platform 2. I fed glue to the Jello monster and he got meh

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The camera focus seems to be really low. When I rotate only I see the sides of the sandbox. Move the whole rig up and I think it will be easier to use. Also not seeing the really groovy backgrounds.

Other than those technical issues, I enjoyed this =D

I didn't make the submission deadline. I am still working on this tho.

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Unhinged 'Myst' clone about Kings and Queens. Make your King rise to ascension. Solve puzzles to add to give gold to your Queen and make discover new lands to make your King ascend to the cosmos.


Jan 9th 2016

Jan 10th 2016