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This is a fun twist on an old favourite that makes you feel smart  even when you're wasting time playing games.

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This is a great little 2-page rpg. It's a really fun idea that I haven't seen before.

Cant believe i bought the bundle not knowing this was in it, because this alone would have justified the bundle. a magical girls ttrp with easy mechanics and gorgeous art!  I especially appreciated the section that talked about power scales for the gm in reference to the creatures the PCs will have to defeat. even a monster thats very weak to the heroes can do a lot of damage to the general population which is important to keep in mind for a game like this.

This is a really sweet game. The fact that the narrator acknowledges that its a story and lets you make decisions about what happens rather than just how you react to it is pretty cool. I love the art and I'm looking forward to the last three acts.