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ShortChanged Rob

A member registered Jul 05, 2017

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I had a lot to say. No disrespect meant. I think this is an awesome start!

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This was absolutely fantastic. I struggled to find any criticisms.

I hope I wasn't too harsh. But I do love the visual appeal. 

Amazing polish! Hope y'all do some longer games.

Another rare game where I don't have criticism. What a great piece of art.

Nothing negative. All positive xD.

The art was fantastic and I love the premise. Here are some critiqiues I have.

Nice job! I played it and made a video over my criticism and praise.

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Congratulations on an awesome job :)!

First game I wvccas genuinely impressed by.  

(Dev note: Video contains spoilers!)

Beautiful game. The haunting atmosphere towards the end was superb. Posted my thoughts.

Nah man. Can't force the inspiration you know? If you ever want to do a chat about it or game design in general I am all ears.

How's the game coming?

Had to make this video. Your artistic talent is amazing, but I had to add a few things. I commend you though :)! 

Gave it a go and made a critique :)

I did a light critique over your project. I hope I wasn't too harsh.

Got some interesting stuff in here man. I gave a critique on your prototype.