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Cool!! :)

Conservation of momentum giving me flashbacks to physics lol

I was wondering what all the hype was around this game but I fully understand now hahaha, this game is so great! Super super fun!

I don't know if anyone's mentioned this already but my brother found a bug where if you keep building the raft backwards you can move far enough back that all the incoming objects despawn before reaching you lol. 

But yeah regardless we enjoyed the game very very much. Thank you for the very cool experience!


Thank you thank you! Your kind words are so very appreciated :)))

Hahaha thank you!!!

You don't know how happy I am to hear that you enjoyed the run animation. I poured my heart and soul into those three frames and have been desperately waiting for someone to acknowledge it LOL

Thanks for the nice comment and for playing our game 🤗🤗🤗

Yess the bunny is wonderful, and the animations in general are quite nice! I know how expensive animation can be on time, you guys did a great job! I've never been so antagonized towards plants before; I tried to stop the weeds so many time but was ultimately defeated 😭

I had a really fun time though, seriously. I thought it was cool how there was time pressure even though there wasn't an explicit timer, and it was complex enough for multiple seemingly feasible strategies to try! Congrats on your game and thanks for the funtimes :))

Aha I was confused on what to do for a little bit but then I actually read the description and I get it, cool! I had fun pew-pewing the enemies, although one time I clipped outside of the room and just kept falling lol. That was still funny and enjoyable though, overall I liked it! Great job 😍!

I have the same question ;-;

I want to play this beautiful game!!

Wow I really enjoyed this one! It should really have more ratings, the idea is really interesting! It lends itself to some pretty unique gameplay vs your typical shooter. I think if you want to continue working on it, adding a theme could really make it stand out! Maybe you're like a ghost and you attack by shooting yourself into enemies, but you gotta defend your original body too lol

But yeah I genuinely enjoyed this, great job 👏👏!

This is one of the most meaningful and insightful games in the entire jam.

Jk, but seriously I liked how the game didn't suppose an objective for me, I just charged in random directions, broke some stuff, fell into the void, etc. Perfectly pointless, I had a pretty fun time :))

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You are very welcome! And ah yeah that's  unfortunate, the game I worked on also had a couple pretty bad bugs that we discovered right at the end 😅. I guess that's how game jams go sometimes haha

It's okay you'll kill it next year I'm sure :)

Thanks! Yeah I had to download a thing to unzip but after that I was able to play haha. Arigato


Yes! I enjoyed it, I was indeed stressed out at the start when I saw the timer and was like ???? what do I do haha

But then once I got a mental map of the place it was pretty fun just sprinting back and forth :))

It honestly held my attention for quite a while, longer than a handful of other games I played!

Argh this game is so annoying to play >:D

I love the idea haha, and I thought the execution was really great. Super clean art (especially the menu screen, nice!!) and solid level design. 

I couldn't will myself to continue playing because I'd lose my sanity BUT I thought this was really a great game. Nice job!

I enjoyed this game, it was fun jumping around haha. I thought it was pretty clever to have the player run through the same level but with different abilities, that was cool! I think one thing that could add a lot of value is to introduce coyote time to the jumps, it's a bit tricky to implement but I think it could improve the overall game feel, something to consider! But yeah overall I liked this game quite a lot :))

Hahaha great interpretation of the theme, I like the "one week later" joke lol. I think this game is pretty cool, but I was a bit overwhelmed at first because there were a decent number of mechanics which I'm not sure I understood in full! I am admittedly smol brain but I think if you guys work on this more you could consider introducing mechanics incrementally, like one level at at a time, just to soften the learning curve, you know? For the smol brain folks. But otherwise I thought the game was really good, love the art style and everything.

Haha wow! I can feel the effort put into the game, I am envious of how much custom art and music you guys were able to make! The entire premise is super great, and the gameplay is really smooth. I think the visual clarity was really really excellent, something for others to take notes on for sure! 

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Hiya! Can someone help me to run the game? I'm unfamiliar with the file type and am unfortunately not tech savvy in general. I would love to test it out!

Edit: I downloaded 7-zip and that let me open it :)

Hiya! I wish I could play this game, the mechanic sounds super interesting, but I'm unsure what to do with the file to get it to run? I'm not very tech savvy, sorry about that haha. Does anyone happen to know?

Wow! I bet you're one of the youngest jammers in the whole event, that's really cool! And congrats on pushing out your first game! Game dev is fun, isn't it?

Hiya! Hm yeah I couldn't figure out how to destroy the letter enemies! And OHH could you left click to attack?? I can't believe I didn't try that lol... whoopsies. I thought you needed to press the corresponding key to like fire a missile at it or something like that, I'll test it again and give a proper review!

Nice game! It's really hard, not going to lie (I died like 50 times on the first turn LOL) but when you make the turns it actually feels really good. I think the camera angle is what makes it so hard, I think higher and more birds-eye would be easier, but maybe it's the low angle that makes the turns feel cool? Nice job though, I enjoyed this one :)

This is the funniest game I've played so far haha. I love the idea, and even though it was frustrating I didn't mind because it was presented cleverly. I agree with other comments that it was super hard so if developed further I think it would be nice to scale back the difficulty a bit more (I thought the first couple levels were good!) Overall though, really great job, I genuinely enjoyed messing around for a bit.

I liked this one a lot! The writing was excellent and the entire concept was quite engaging. Being unable to control my guy was pretty funny, and I thought the art was pretty solid through and through! The type of game wasn't my cup of tea personally but that's just a matter of taste, I thought it was really well done. Great job!

This game is very charming! It's really creatively composed, I think the theme-ing and everything is really well done :)

The gameplay is more frustrating just inherently lol but I still like the idea a lot! Sometimes linking appliances together was a little buggy for me, but otherwise I enjoyed it :D

Interesting idea! I thought it lent itself well to some pretty cool challenges, I've never played a platformer like it before : )

Also I thought it was really cool that it was made in Blender, had NO idea you could make a game with it :0

Cool idea! Unfortunately I wasn't able to destroy keys for some reason, wish I was able to experience that part of the game in full : (

But otherwise I thought the game looked nice!