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A member registered Dec 10, 2018

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I really enjoyed your game so far. It totally holds up with the others.
The stories are fun and I am interested in seeing more!

In the beginning, the hair colours really irritated me and the navigation menu was confusing and hard to use, but I eventually got used to it.
Also, earning money is kind of hard, and once you run out, you can't get any back, for all I know. But that's okay, since you don't need to use any money so far in this build.

Keep it up.

We really appreciate your game hahaha

Let us know if you need anything, we'll try our best to help!

This game is so good! I am sure in future, this will be a very popular game.

Me and my friends play it very often. It would be cool for more players in one game! 

Hey man, I can recommend you some really high quality games if you're interested in studying some of them to improve. Just let me know and I'll pass you a list with great titles.

This looks like it has the potential to compete with the bigger titles! I'll totally leave a review once I have an opinion on this!

Looks really great so far, though. It's nice that it's not a straight lined Visual Novel and has elements of combat and RPG in it, the only VN type games get boring after you reach late game, because everything ends in having sex. 

I'd like for this to have a focus on comedy. 
(The character reminds me heavily of GTO already. I love it.)

try to experiment with right clicking and "c"

Once I start the game, the 

Error: "Failed to load: img/pictures/%E6%A2%A603.png" 

appears. I can't continue. The image files have corrupted file names. That must be the issue.

Please fix soon!