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Thank you! We're glad you liked it!

thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback! i'll keep this in mind while making improvements.

Yeah the level is designed so that you only have a few opportunities in the beginning to gather some farts since you're always gonna have food getting converted to stamina. I should have made the design better.
Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing my game :D

Thank you so much for playing the game! :D

The game needs a lot of tweaking and isnt perfect in any way but i'll try to explain some of the stuff that you mentioned.
The player colliding with items already past him is because the lane change is instantaneous (within one frame) so sometimes the items arent really past the player.
And food gets converted to 5 stamina if you dont have full stamina, thats why you dont see the counter increasing!

The food not showing up and converting to stamina thing was mentioned multiple times, so that was probably a big design flaw from my side.

Also the first level design wasnt good. I needed more time and playtesting on it.

And thank you for all the compliments. :D

Looking forward to the 2nd Wowie Game Jam!

Yes, the player can eat everything. Different things will happen depending on what is eaten.
And yes in hindsight, I also feel like I should have incorporated farting more.
Thank you for the feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! :D Glad you had a fun time!

Yeah I thought the review must have been for another game! No worries :D

Thanks for the review!! Glad you liked the game! What do you mean by dash? Do you mean the rocket booster that the robot has? You are able to use the rocket from the start, but you can only use it for a limited duration, and the rocket recharges over time.

Thank you for the review! We were in a rush with the tutorials and forgot to disable the menu sounds when the game started. Glad you liked the tutorials nonetheless! :D