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Its my first jam. I would totally check out your game my exams going on but before next week i will definitely play your game.Thanks for the reviews

Great I ll surely try it . Currently EXAMS

Innovation 5* . But i'll be super honest found hard to play this game .

Thanx i would add tutorial and before 2019 i would release it . I would inform you as soon as i release the game

ok I am having exams so really busy but will check out soon

Thanks.Yeah I am not good at designing so i only do coding . I will search for some assets or make some basics on my own. I designed the game so i thought everyone would get the controls but I need to provide a tutorial and before 2019 i would release it you can subscribe my youtube channel if you want.

The game feels hard to play the controls especially.BTW its great the guns and effect looks great


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