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I am on discord too! 

Well i will help you but tell me which game engine you use email me shivawadulkar@gmail.com 

I will tell you on discord we will make doodle jump clone or anything else

I sended a requst on discord

Hey hi i am  working on a project like doodle jump will you help me with clickteam fusion 2.5 devoloper i will send you the link of the engine

i need help with unreal engine endless runner blueprints.

(And looking to form a team.)

  1. i can work on unreal engine with you but with only blueprints ok🤔

i can work on unreal engine with you but with only blueprints ok🤔

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hi your game is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you use clickteam fusion can you teach me too

i sent a email

do you know how to make games with clickteam fusion

hey can i have your email please

hi can you test my game here https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

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hi 3d games czech can you try my game here and if there are somethings to suggest please tell me:)🤔


no problem:) i am glad that you saw it

Can i create a video tutorial of c programming language

not on my phone also

team up to make games

team up to make games

try my game here https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eyeHi check my game

yes did you download it :)

my name is shivam wadulkar i am an indian i live in nagpur i love game devoloping with unity and clickteam fusion

hi everyone check my game sam ur eye https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

itch.io community » General · Created a new topic hi everyone

hi please check my game it is very cool https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye you must try it please

me also both


hey hi can you checkout my game https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

can you try my game here https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

i loved it nice cute challenging about pets really a nice game

can you check my game also https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye

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hi i just created a clone of sam ur eye please write a review here's the link https://shiva-23.itch.io/samur-eye