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Hi.Thanks for your review! It means a lot to me. Actually the hint is behind the poster but you need to flip them by dragging the right mouse (Guess it is not well design so most of the players did not find it). I’ll try me best to fix the bug. Glad you like it!

Hi! Thanks for your kind suggestion. Did you try different version like Win64 or Win32? Any further question please let me kbow.

Oh my god!!!That's genius!

Hey thanks for putting so much time into this! I really appreciate the awesome video here!

Hi, mate! Thank you so much for your video! I like your commentary. It is very funny and emotive! haha!  I would say you are very very talent to go through this game just within 10 minutes!!! I was expecting that would be longer. 

Congratulation for the sucessfully "escape". Actually there are something behind the posters when you sit on the chair facing the laptop and Pong arcade, and the coffee on the desk are interactable! 

If you can see what is behind the poster and then play the game just as you have never played before, the whole game will make more sense;) But anyway, thank you so much for this video! Appreciate!

Hi, I just uploaded the Linux version. Thanks for the kind reminding.True, it cost me more than 3 hours but it still mathchs most of the features of Jam rule, right? :D

Thanks for your kind reminding. Sorry for the mistagging.

Hi Mirvat. I am glad you like it. Here is my email :

HI, Thank you very very much for this video. I am appreciated for your patience to finish this game though it isn't supposed to be this way to "escape" the room due to the bug. The posters are able to flip back when you hold your right mouse, only when the camera fixed after you clicked on the chair in front of the laptop and  Pong Arcade. Sorry for the bad UI design. Now I realized it should include more visual guide to players. But thank you very very much again. I hope you enjoy the game. You are very welcome to play again cause it should to be more funny after you see what is behind the poster!

Fancy the game mechanic. Pretty much like the "Gorogoa".

Thanks for the reply. 

Left mouse ONLY!!!

Thank you! Olga~

The rocket Tonado is very funny!