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Sorry for the late reply, to get the grown loli you must interact with her everyday then you will get the H scene heh.

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The game was fun and the girl was cute , quite intense but if you kill zombies and just let them gather, the zombies won't spawn unless you kill them. The H scene i've been tricked, i've been backstabbed and i've been quite possibly bamboozled. Anyways 10/10 I wan't more and legit lol.

Edit: Hell yeah grown loli

The game is good I like the concept of the game, it's only a demo so i'll just patiently wait for the full release because this game has some potential in it.

It's a great game, but short the creativity for this game is quite well done, also the puzzles are not that hard nor easy but if you just try and read it carefully again and again you might probably answer the puzzle. The loop was unexpected for me but I manage to overcome it, it's a great game I give you that.

The game is good, the ai  are decent. Sometimes they follow you're command and sometimes they don't, i'm also having a problem when it comes to my team being incapacitated. All of my teams have the ability of the medics but they can't heal their teammates. Plus Kayla the medic can't revive some of my incapacitated teammates, she just say she doesn't have FAK but she has 5 and she says she is not a medic, i'm also having problems when it comes to fixing the tank because I just recently got it but it's ok, theres another problem for me. When I come back to the refugee camp with the scott loli i'm just stuck on the loading screen for an hour maybe it's a bug or maybe it's my macs problem, but this game is only a demo I don't expect it to be perfect. The game is good I give you that even the story, i'm looking forward to you're game I have high expectations when it is in full release.

As a demo game Chromatose has been a really great game, you get to meet other characters with different emotions and powers, a game that can impact the story base on the decisions you pick. All I can say is, it's a great game, the attack system is confusing when you first play the game, but as time goes on you'll get the hang of it. Chromatos is a great game I hope to see the full release of this game. Also the end made me think hard for a minute, wether to pick Izzy and go to the real world or pick Isaac and Lilith so I can save the other people that are trap in a coma. Anyways great game i'll lend you my support and I have a high expectations on this game.

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Good game, fun and addicting, fun events that can make the game harder and feel fresh. Some class have different ways to play the game and it makes it hard and fun. But my question is how do you save your game? It's frustrating that i've worked hard to get my items and get to the floor 2-2 and it just happens to reset it. Well I hope you add this feature or tell it to us on how to save the game. Anyways great game i've been playing this nonstop.

It was good, the art styles is cute, the characters are cute, the plot is good, and the feeling you get just when the door opened. It made me put my finger on the shift bar ready to run but the ending credits rolled in. I was kinda scared but it was fun, I hope to see what comes next on the Project KAT I will be supporting your game. I look forward to finish the entire game if you finished the game. 10/10