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Shirara Imaginations

A member registered Jan 02, 2017 · View creator page →

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I just finished playing the game and notice some bugs in the game like when you open the dictionary from the very main menu and return, it starts the game automatically from the start instead of going back to the main menu. And in the dictionary, once you've clicked a word, after reading its description, they go to a different word's description automatically. I also notice some typos but not some major typo. Lol. Somehow, Rayden's name was used instead of Lanier sometimes. Ah, did I explained it right? Just like, Rayden's secret scenario but it was really Lanier. Just like that. I don't know if you noticed it or someone had told you about it or it was fixed already and I'm not aware, so I'm sorry for bring it. TT^TT

Despite all of those, I enjoyed the game. I really did enjoy Rayden's route. XD Gosh! I really feel like I'm reading a story from Wattpad. Wahahaha! Thanks to this game, I'm inspire to use the Taglish ('Cause you rarely see people use pure Tagalog.) language as an optional for one of my game. And again, good luck! :D

I got excited after seeing this was a Filipino Visual Novel.I rarely post a comment, but seeing this made me. Lol. It's really rare to see games using the Filipino language.

From seeing the guys, I feel like I'll love Rayden. Wahahaha! (I might had played the game now if my net isn't nearing its limit.)

Anyway, good luck with your future games. :D