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Well only one word : Perfect ! and really funny conversation and situation, concept is perfect, everything, i like it, i love it!

Hi fo this geat feedback!  Really appreciate!
As the game description say at the end the art are from paid asset for a top-down game by pita (, I'm not currently a pixel artist or an artist so scale are not my shoes ^^ But I'll correct this in next version that will provide an idle top down exploration inside dungeon.

Thanks again for the review !

Currently working on them!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback of all your team members really appreciate!

ooooh pita! i do not know if you still doing pixel art but please continue like this! 80% of all game i do are with your art :D

Thanks a lot to bring me strenght :D

I'm currently on it ! Thanks for the comment!

art, atmosphere, song, and also what a nice concept ! you have handle everything is handle nicely! I check game page and there is also prismatica that catch my eye, will play it when got time.

little gameboy is back to be a hero! i like the dash mechanic, the overall is really addictive! great job!

really great entry! song, art, i really liked the zoom mechanics, the use of power for the jump add more to the jame title! continue like this! (gime more level :D!)

Thanks, but if I had not my sound designer that I did not want to deceived when we were close to submission they won't have been submission ^^ Thankd again!

Hi thanks for the comment! I change 3 time concept and had 1day and 9hr to make something, glad people still like it ! Thanks a lot!

Hooo god ! Its.... its.... the teacher sunshine ! Thanks for the comment! And nice job for your voice on Yoko Redux !

Thanks for the feedback! More gameplay are comming this end of week :D Hope you will like the non jam version!

hi, thanks for your feedback!
the tag IDLE i put on tags game is for the later update in another version of the game as the I put in the end of the description.

Thanks a lot! Currently working on them!

Nice rotation concept, and the little robot is cute but at the begining I keep destroying him xD Forgive me! And also nice choice about the text that does not block movement while reading it.

Thanks ! Your are from the Redux team :D We were having fun with your game and all the reference in it too! Keep the good work!

Haha! And they were all kill !

Thanks for the feedback ! Yes it's more like a prototype, I change also 3time concept and add 1day and 9hr for this tamagotchi concept, will be more comming to it!

Oh god! Sunshine teach us more things about life ! Cool gameplay, I like thos type of gameplay, nice narration, nice ambiance, everything is great!

Physics and mechanics are great! I die at the end but the wire concept is nicely found! Great job!

Really funny! I laught on the king death but I know! >_> Is there the game over end only?

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate

Yes currently there is no save data ^^ But more option are coming out like more you stay alive more you go into a deep dungeon. A shop to custom your slime and having bonus like auto-feed each x second etc. And more color (this prototype was for the game jam)

Yeah i got it the first run but thanks! Got the island developper too :)

Hidden island / Bonus music did I miss something? :D

Really nice! And GOD please those die and retry keep killing our keyboard!
Keep like this!

Really nice idea! I was to begin playing and then I saw paw flying away, really cool and fun!
(N.B: I manage to run it on my archlinux without any issue).

900 times particle overtriggered

nicely done, i really like the craft system, the pixel art is really great too, good job!

really like particle system. i just want to eat now owo! (i wish i got the same t-shirt too)

i really like the concept, i'll try do some nice house (i like doing housing ingame), knowing myself this is the king of app i'll pin and play whenever i want to chill owo! nice entry!!

pico8 i love it! it is nice done! the kigdom is safe for me!

also do like the bump mechanic when war use the swing attack
(almost all my character die, only the bowman was the last standing)

El Psy Kongroo!