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It's really nice to ear that ! Thanks it mean a lot!

I hope so ! It's lovely and the color is nicely choose! Just got myself the bundle will play with it now ! 

Nice work as always! Keep going I love this serie !

That's a nice feedback, and you totally right, I was more focus on game mechanic that doing a game goal at least for the jam, maybe for the game jam I should have done something like a timer for rebuilding the dungeon before the Villager from the tavern come and rate it, a good rate for a good ending and bad ending for a bad rate.

it is really nice work as always, like it pretty nice ! continue the work !

It is a new version coming really soon, like bigger room or multiple room, monster type/skin selection,  online to go help your friend build too. It is what i do want during game jam but did not organise time well

Thanks a lot for the reply! I am aware of one issue where you can continue building without resource but I wanted to let the original build as it is for the Jam

Really nice, really well done (but poor little bunny!) Great work !

Thanks a lot!
You can found the credit on the page if you like the art and music!

it is really nice, pixel art is nice, concept is nice, everything is perfect, continue to deliver those nice work of yours

Really nice little game, I really love the small "hi" when you click on it, pretty well done. (just an issue when the yellow time block respawn when the player is on it the player don't collide with the other yellow block, happen on level7)

Awesome, you took the Theme and Limitation in mind, I love the game so far, really nice idea!

Hey Wonder Bear! If you download the PlaydateSdk on there is the simulator you can play on it directly! I just did it ^^

Hello, I played the whole build, It's really well done!

Really well done, I really liked it. I got this
"best end: workers of the world, unite!"

Thanks a lot!

Really nice! The warning isn't here for nothing xD There is even a voice on the text that had a fine touch on the overall ^^ Really cool

Thanks a lot for testing it and the feedback !

Very well done project, I really like the character and effect

I really liked the control system, it feel really smooth. The enemy scared me the first time, great project

I really like the ambiance, pretty well done

This was really minimal and well done, the music fit really good in the game, a nice project overall

Really cool little concept, reflection was nice handle. As a feedback just the window that does not always stick to mouse position but overall really nice !

Beautiful, really nice done!

Really nice little work, I really loved throwing ennemies and sending them to kill ennemies. Sounds is really chill too, great job!

Really nice work for managing. this reflection mechanic, and nice design too!

Lovely, well done on it

Really cool! The inverted window view is a nice concept! Keep going !

Cute concept, I needed to retry the last level 3 time before reaching the end at 1 second. Nice work

Wouldn't have think of this kind of concept, really nice. I love the fact of killing monster with the window frame too. Great one!

This Windows opening was putting me back on young! Really nice game and Idea ! For feedback I was stuck when window reach left side, I couldn't move them and life was dropping out, or maybe I did it wrong, really fun !

Gonna update my project with this when I will get it! Thanks

Nice ! Here you back !

you’re welcome! hype to see those new things then! I am making an online 1v1 / 2v2 old tactical jrpg with your assets