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Glenn Essex

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Great job!  Upping the ante!  Who can break 90k?

I appreciate your role-play approach to the "game".   I hadn't even considered sound, but that could be very nice.  Thanks!

Your Linux build only includes a 32-bit (x86) build, so I can't play it!  Can you provide an x86_64 (64-bit) build?

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Your Linux build is not 64-bit, and so 99% of Linux users will not be able to run it.  You should instead provide an x86_64 Linux build.  I hope you can, because I really want to try this game!

I can run the game now, but movement controls don't work.  I tried both a keyboard and a joystick.  Do you have a linux machine available to test your builds on?  If not, I would advise taking your Linux build down until you do.  I would really like to play this game, but unfortunately I can't. :(

It was set to true, I set it to false, the issue persists.

Your new linux build works perfectly.  I appreciated the game.  Thanks!

The linux build does not work for me.  Did you target x86 only?  You likely need to build x86_64.  Here is my error log:

CHEAP GOLF community · Created a new topic Linux Build

On the Linux build, I get an "illegal Instruction" message just as the game is launching, then it crashes.  Is Steam a dependency?

You Linux build is x86 only, so anyone with a 64-bit arch can't play it (that's almost every linux user).  I'd love to play the game, so I hope you can release a revised build for Linux.


Yes, I saved, exited, and continued the game later on.  I hope you can fix the bug(s), I look forward to finishing the game.

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The game crashes consistently when I reach the top of the damn to retreive the ammo.  I'm playing the Linux build.  Such a shame too because this game is wonderful! To be specific is crashes as soon as the words "I see what you're doing up there!" appear on screen.

A cute, approachable, solid puzzle game with an interesting core mechanic. I especially appreciate the narrative justification for the mechanic, because there is something very very interesting about making the game camera a character, that is aware of its nature, and that the player controls. I feel like I, the player, am the third member of an adventuring party along with the camera-being and the player-character. Pretty cool.

I have not finished the game yet, but if I have any nitpicks, I'd say that sometimes the dialogue/setting distracts from the core gameplay experience and that the mechanics can sometimes be a bit unwieldy.

Great work though. I hope your future games are at least as interesting.