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oh no.

4 years later, I made this:

I think this concept has a lot of potential!  The primary mechanic is refreshing!  I really like the challenge of trying to determine when to shift through the ground.  I'd love to see this concept be more developed.

I am relieved to read that you are working on simplifying the game.  I fell in love with the vast world that can be explored in my living room without teleportation, but I felt like I was missing the point of the game because I didn't want to spend hours deciphering the UI and reading tutorial text.

If it is made much simpler to choose a loadout, upgrade tools and weapons, and customize your character, and if tutorials are integrated into the gameplay, then this game will be freakin' legendary!

I liked this so much that I paid for it.  I abhor the menu navigation and all the text it involves, but the game is otherwise lovely and I hope to see it finished eventually.

It does not work on Quest.

I have no VR equipment.  Otherwise, I might consider it.  

Fantastic puzzle game.


Thank you!  More features to come!

Just a little toy I made in p5js, inspired by some easter candy box art.  You can save your generated birbs to your computer too!

Thank you for the kind words and thank you so much for playing!  It makes me really happy to know when people have a meaningful experience with something I make.

I really enjoyed this one!

I really appreciate your interest!

Thank you so much for playing!  I am glad you enjoyed it!

Great job!  Upping the ante!  Who can break 90k?

I appreciate your role-play approach to the "game".   I hadn't even considered sound, but that could be very nice.  Thanks!

Your Linux build only includes a 32-bit (x86) build, so I can't play it!  Can you provide an x86_64 (64-bit) build?

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Your Linux build is not 64-bit, and so 99% of Linux users will not be able to run it.  You should instead provide an x86_64 Linux build.  I hope you can, because I really want to try this game!

I can run the game now, but movement controls don't work.  I tried both a keyboard and a joystick.  Do you have a linux machine available to test your builds on?  If not, I would advise taking your Linux build down until you do.  I would really like to play this game, but unfortunately I can't. :(

It was set to true, I set it to false, the issue persists.

Your new linux build works perfectly.  I appreciated the game.  Thanks!

The linux build does not work for me.  Did you target x86 only?  You likely need to build x86_64.  Here is my error log:

CHEAP GOLF community · Created a new topic Linux Build

On the Linux build, I get an "illegal Instruction" message just as the game is launching, then it crashes.  Is Steam a dependency?

You Linux build is x86 only, so anyone with a 64-bit arch can't play it (that's almost every linux user).  I'd love to play the game, so I hope you can release a revised build for Linux.


Yes, I saved, exited, and continued the game later on.  I hope you can fix the bug(s), I look forward to finishing the game.

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The game crashes consistently when I reach the top of the damn to retreive the ammo.  I'm playing the Linux build.  Such a shame too because this game is wonderful! To be specific is crashes as soon as the words "I see what you're doing up there!" appear on screen.

A cute, approachable, solid puzzle game with an interesting core mechanic. I especially appreciate the narrative justification for the mechanic, because there is something very very interesting about making the game camera a character, that is aware of its nature, and that the player controls. I feel like I, the player, am the third member of an adventuring party along with the camera-being and the player-character. Pretty cool.

I have not finished the game yet, but if I have any nitpicks, I'd say that sometimes the dialogue/setting distracts from the core gameplay experience and that the mechanics can sometimes be a bit unwieldy.

Great work though. I hope your future games are at least as interesting.