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its not about "thier" controls, its about the emulator controls.

flash carts, the ROM is 1 MB tho so good luck figuring it out

now imagine if the entry point for programming was higher and you would have to write optimized code instead of letting some engine do all of it for you...

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the only real issue here is input lag, but its gb studio's fault.
edit : okay the momentum is really bad...

great metroidvania.

web. good luck optimizing!

this.. isnt too playable, but the movement doesnt feel that bad. also you can "fix" the lag by making the base game 30 FPS 'w ' (that is, if thats possible to do)

interesting game idea. 77 cats on 1st try.

trully made with love

nice game!

ah yes, my favourite game genre. the tower hell.

...ok guess i now dont have any excuses to work on a game

and i think this is a pretty damn great tool

its a bit too hard, and the ammo should be usable by using the pick up button, and you should be able to pick up ammo from guns. other than that its very good.

let me see...

doom on snes? check.

pregnancy test? check.

pico 8?.... check!

while i cannot really tell if its good or bad as im not a doom player, i think the game is very playable. im guessing nightmare wasnt too implementable, but im not gonna complain honestly.

every weapon is OP if you know how to use it

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damn, very cool!

i really like the saw weapon thing, very good way to punish players who are rushing to get a high score, also that laser rifile can be used as a melee weapon

and the game would sell pretty well on mobile devices

well, awesome game! while the player is mostly at the mercy of the RNG, some skill is all it takes to win any game! the experience is simply great. there could have been more rooms for more replayability.. (i played the web ver so i dont know if the downloadable ver is more expanded)

well, thats RNG's fault. i only got offensive upgrades and set dies.

havent played yet, but checked the soundtrack....and what kind of chiptune is that? honestly, its pretty cool!

well, the game is great. thats all i can say.

y o u   s a v e d   e a r t h   f r o m   t h e   m a n k i n d !         nice game

this. is. 10. /. 10.

someone respond to this once the full game is out :)

you could hav- wait im pretty sure the guy was talking about windows version anyways... whatever windows paid android free discussion over.

as suprising as it may sound, youre wrong. you simply have to donate.


the m u s i c :3

um no, qwp is just an emoticon. its basically crying owo...

controls : qwp

h m m . . .

this is so confusing! xD like 20 times more confusing than terrarias confusion debuff!

this is like real hecka damn cool but like 1 secnd is like way beyond my patience xD

did you REALLY had no idea that there are "shortcuts"!?

well im like really bored so well im gonna claim while i can :P

the player kinda looks like the gd icon unlocked by beating jumper xD nice game but i would be glad if the player would respawn in the last cleared room the player was instead of having to spend some time getting back to the room

...reminds me of starbound... i mean i didnt played, like im not even sure if i wanna claim cause like chances of me playing this are like really low

this looks awesome but ive read comments about this being like impossible to uninstal.. once im sure i want this app and not being able to uninstall wont matter for me i will download tho :3

this is cool! cant wait for a sequel! (im a fan of everything thats pixely, i also liked the soundtrack)

i sometimes turn music voliume to 0 and listen to a song lol but in this game soundtrack would just distract you

you can always lure it into a wall and YEET it to death, i was once lucky enought to YEET  it to death when it was in a room with one way out yet wasnt able to reach the way out

well yes sometimes its just slow... ;-;