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You can already do that here. When you click download you can set a donation amount. But it makes little sense to do say $5 because that can give you 5 months worth of development access.

Always. If you are interested in following the game's development check out

Make sure you properly downloaded it. I dont know what else could be wrong.

No problems mang.

Make sure you download properly and EXTRACT

Try changing the anti aliasing mode in the game's options settings.

It has index support out of the box.

1.) Download the .rar

2.) Open the .rar with Winrar or 7zip (google them)
3.) place the contents outside and then just run the .exe


Without a PC to stream it? I don't know about that but I've seen it done with a PC to stream.

use Winrar or 7zip

Works just fine for me. Try again now mayBe?

If you bind it with SteamVR Input yes.


you can setup your binds with SteamVR Input so technically yes.

Yes. It's been added to bug list.

Delete the game save file lol it's in the instructions.

Make sure you are using SteamVR for it. Try using a different web browser for your bindings or try to do it ingame in the SteamVR HUD.


Dont use the app. Download it straight from the main page. This is the only place to get it for now.


I just released a patch for this.

Claro. Pronto.

Quiza mas tarde.

No but you could stream it to it if you have a beefy PC.


Controller problems. Look here:

Give her the towel.

go up to the mirror.

Make sure you extract the entire folder somewhere before playing.

Try this link. It doesnt use the itch io app.

You might have an outdated graphics card. Make sure you do NOT have an integrated Intel 3000/4000.

Your hardware is too outdated. You need a better graphics card. You are probably playing on an integrated intel chip.

download WINRAR.

That's right.

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Means your hardware is too old. You'll have to upgrade. Unity 2019 does not work well with very old (8+ years old) integrated graphics cards.

It should already. I blame the itchio app.

Did you follow the instructions for when your controls dont work?


Just be more gentle.