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Good game, Though I stuck in 1-6, but it's a really a good experience.

He still alive.......

yeah I've change Diavorest mechanics become casting a area of posion after touching a object instead just slowing one enemies. I also make the slime faster so people might consider using Diavorest sometime. For the Boss, I add some shooting mechanics which spawn some water orbs following the player. He also have ability to spawn slimes now. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!!

This fps game is so good. I enjoy playing this game!!

The game is similar to one of the brackeys Game, I forgot what the name is. But this game is kind of harder, the movement is harder, but it's really challenging to play this game.

One of the best assets I ever used.

I like the 1bit pixel art style, maybe fixing the teleport mechanics will be better.

this game remind me of fire kid and water girl. but this game is better than that game.

The music and art is so good!!!

Best game I played in this GameJam!!

thanks for your feedback. 

thanks for your feedback

Thanks for your feedback.

the game is really hard at first, but after I finally complete the first puzzle, I feel the game is so fun to play. I highly recommend this game.

Good Game! I love the arts and the music, I really like this game!

The look of the game is so cool! it's really a good puzzle platformer.

Good Game. I like the juicy movement.

Yeah, there are another familiar that don't make it in. I only manage to make mechanics for diavorest and Belial. Maybe I will change the way of attacking of Diavorest next time. Any way, thanks!

Good game! Maybe adding a shop, and mini map would improve the game. 

Good GAme!!! i love it!

although i need 81 death to complete the game

Ou, that's new! When play testing I'm never meet this situation yet. I will figure out solution to the problem.

Thanks for the feedback.

Good Game!
i need one more!!!

Good Game! I love the music and the gameplay so much.

good music! But the mouse sensitivity makes me harder to aim.

this game remind of the game of a fire and water avatar. the gameplay is almost the same.

Good Game! well, it's hard to believe that you said i'm not a pixel artist. but your sprite is better than me.

good  concept!

Good Game! You really make me experience a hell...........

GOOD GAME! this game is so good. The gameplay is so good.

Good Game! The art is so cool!

Good Game! the art is amazing!

your game is so cool. the animation is so smooth!

this is my game.

need 4 to reach 20.

your game is so good!

How the heck this game only gets 4 ratings?!! this game deserve more attention!

Good Game!