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Great job! The gameplay is fun, and the particles and the post-processing effects are also really cool!

Suggestions -> 

  • The pixel-size is inconsistent, some pixels appear larger and some are smaller. The player sprite's pixel size differs from that of the gun and the environment. This makes the graphics inconsistent and can be fixed.
  • The game doesn't really fit the theme. It would be cool if the theme was inserted in the game mechanics rather than the story.
  • Give the player a reason to not shoot, otherwise the player just has to hold the left mouse button and there is no reason to let it go, not saying that it is necessary to have such a thing, but it could make the game a little more challenging as the player now has to make a small decision to shoot or not shoot. You can add recoil or limited ammo, maybe the player can't move quickly when shooting, so the player can decide if it is important to shoot or avoid enemy bullets and then shoot or not shoot accordingly or something along those lines.

Overall, this is a pretty fun game, but can be a little more challenging.

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Thanks for the feedback :D

The game did break at level 4, there was one more level and then an end screen, not sure why it happened, others seemed to easily proceed to the next level. Maybe you can try the downloadable version as the web version might not work properly sometimes. The last level (which didn't load during the stream) has the die-to-respawn mechanic from the cage level as its solution so it was important to introduce it (though I admit I added the 'R to Respawn' message to throw off some players so it was a little unfair). Sorry for the late reply, I am glad you liked the game :)

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A nice little game! I wish it was a bit longer! (but it is understandable as it is a jam game)

I couldn't understand what the red bar on the top-left was meant to be, was it supposed to be a health bar? It wouldn't make sense because the duck loses all its health when squished anyways.

Glad you liked the game!

The jump-split-fuse-jump mechanic is intentional and it is the solution for the elevator level (you can find the instructions for it in a hidden area on the top floor of the elevator level).

I plan on adding more advanced camera controller in the post-jam version which would have a 'deadzone' meaning the camera will keep the player within certain bounds at all times and smoothly follow it when it is in the 'safezone' ... This should hopefully solve the issue with the camera.

I am planning on collabing after the jam for the music as I am not so good at making music. We will have multiple longer music tracks and various SFX in the post-jam version :)

I am planning to work on the game after the ratings are over but it will be only the bug fixes, new music/sfx and maybe a few more levels.

Thanks for the feedback :D

Glad you liked the game :D

The walljump was unintended and I will remove it in the post-jam version.

Spoiler (Solution for Level 3) -> Once you press the button, you have to jump in the spikes to 'respawn' ...  Pressing 'resets' the level. I added the 'R to Restart' instruction just to confuse some players. The 'respawn' (not to be confused with the 'reset') mechanic is also used later in the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

The elevator level does seem to have some bug and I will look into it after the jam is over :)

The restart and the respawn mechanic are different in this game. You can restart with R which resets the whole level whereas the respawn mechanic simple respawns the player blob to the spawn point... I was planning to make more levels utilising this mechanic but couldn't do so because of the time limit. Now that I think of it after submission, the respawn mechanic does seem a little weird so I will try and experiment with it later to see how it fits the game.
Some levels (especially the staircase one) are intended to be beaten in a way where you fit into tight hallways by fusing inside it although the squash/stretch animations make the collisions a bit inconsistent.

Thanks for the feedback :D

Glad you liked the game!

I am not too good with the music side of things so I could only make a 2 second loopable track. I could've collabed with someone in the jam, I will make sure not to make the same mistake in the next jam :)

The jump-split-fuse-jump manuever is explained vaguely in a hidden area on the elevator level although I did forget to explain the double jump to the player.

Thanks for the feedback :D

  • You could still try and check if giving the environment a different color works or not, if not a different color, you can just darken it a bit or instead give the player a different color.
  • I didn't realize that right-click could skip the dialogue! I think it would be a good idea to switch it to the space key for consistency.

Looking forward to the final game :D

Very Fun game! 

Suggestions -> You can increase the hitbox the ape king uses to gather more followers so that the player does not miss some apes in the way.

Its name is coincidently similar to mine lol!
Apes Together Strong!

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Cool game! I like how you added hidden message on two levels!

Suggestions -> 

  • Add arrow-keys support
  • I like how you used just simple shapes for your game! You can spice things up a bit by adding more colors. Using a different color for the environment will help the player stand out more, just like how you used different colors for the enemies.
  • Add an option to skip typewritting effect and show the full message with the space key
  • There is no point in showing the upgrade menu just after the first level, I didn't know much about the game at that time so I couldn't tell which upgrade would be useful. You can unlock the upgrades after a few levels when the player gets to know more about the game
  • Tell the player about the control keys to respawn and dash, during the gameplay.
  • I couldn't tell much about what was happening in the level with the enemies, you can add some helpful text for that level
  • The player should be able to restart from the level they died in instead of the starting from the beginning

Bug -> The dialogue messes up and shows the whole dialogue for a frame before starting the typewritting effect.

Nice! The level design and the concept is great! I also like the lighting effect!

Suggestions -> 

  • Many times, the spikes were out of the camera's view so I could not predict where the player would land. You can increase the speed of the camera to fix this issue. 
  • There is no visual cue to tell if the player is sneaking. You can maybe add a squashing animation to tell that the player is sneaking, this would be a nice detail.
  • Add "coyote time" ... since the game is a platformer, I think it would be great to have coyote time. It would make the game slightly easier but I think it would be worth it.
  • Player-to-player interaction. You can add a feature in which the white player can jump on top of black player and ride on it when the black player changes gravity. This would unlock lots of new possiblities for new level designs!
  • The plain square player sprite can be improved with squash-stretch animations. You can also add particles for when the player dies.

Amazing! I like how you added so the companion speaks random dialogues throughout the game, and that coin trap in one level. The squash and stretch and ledge grab animation are great too!

Suggestion -> The level transition can be improved. Pixel size was not consistent, especially the statues. As others also pointed out, the combat was useless as there were not many enemies. The combat system got me excited but it was dissapointing to see no use of it in later game. The white orb thing that recharges the dash was a little confusing. You can add some hint to tell the player that it can recharge the dash ability. You can change the control for the dash from the mouse to a keyboard key so the player can use only the keyboard to play (something like the 'Z' key would work).

Bug -> There was just one bug I could find. The screen fade effect doesn't trigger when the player dies during a dash (which is kind of a good feature becuase the screen fade effect gets annoying when the player keeps dying on a level and has to wait for the animation to end)

Overall, it was a great game!

(Please check out my game too if you have time :D)

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Thanks! Here is my game ->

A puzzle platformer game about blobs trying to escape the facility.
Help the blobs solve the puzzles and return to their homes.

Hope you like the game :)

Amazing! I like the concept and also the pixel art! The gameplay is fun and smooth too!

Suggestion -> The tileset was "breaking" at some places (there were small gaps between the chunks), I have also had this bug with unity's tileset and it can be fixed by enabling pixel snap on the tileset sprite material. 

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Cool concept and a very fun gameplay!

Suggestion -> Add arrow key support and make it easier to control the player

Great Job!

I had the same problem in level 2 but I figured out that in order to activate red's power you must also be moving in one direction (Hold right key and ctrl to dash to the right)

Very fun game! The pixel art looks really good. The game is smooth and it is fun to destroy the enemy turrets!

Suggestion -> You can add a hurt animation to the player to add a visual cue that the player is taking damage. The pixel size is not consistent, try to avoid scaling objects to different scales.

Glad you liked the game!

wall jump was an unintended feature (but I forgot to remove it!). The puzzles can be solved without having to wall jump.
I definitely should've made it clear that the player can double jump, thanks for pointing it out!
You can use 'R' to restart the level if something goes wrong, like when you fall down the level. 

Spoiler (solution of the elevator level) -> Once you get the player over the wall, you can quickly seperate and then fuse (S and then F) before the player touches the spikes, that way you will be fused but still fit in the hole and respawn after touching the spikes. You can then use the fused blob to push the box and finish the level.

Nice! The game was lagging on my machine, some performance optimization would help!

The graphics and audio go very well together! The demons were actually scary at times! The environment also looks amazing with the fogs and lighting!

The controls were not responsive at times (but it is understandable because it was made in a week!). If you wish to continue working on the game after the jam, I would suggest perfecting the platforming controls first but other than that,

Great job!

Nice job! This game has a really good concept! The graphics are great too!

Suggestion -> The hitboxes could be improved a bit, the spike's hitbox is very large which makes it really annoying to play the game at times. The attack timer and jump timer should reset when the player respawns and the timer should be reduced to allow more frequent jumps. I found myself waiting for the timer to reset many times during the gameplay.

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Glad you liked the game!

I think I will have to add a few levels in between to introduce the mechanics and let the difficulty level rise slowly rather than in an instant. I intentionally made the instructions hard to understand (especially the hidden instructions on the last level) but I think I could remove the scratches on a few to clarify them further.

Thanks for the feedback :D

Nice! You could use Ambient Occlusion to help improve the environment because it sometimes gets difficult to distinguish where the platforms. The voice acting can be sped up and the light colors could be changed so that they have a little less saturation and are easy on the eyes. You can also use multiple materials in your level.

Glad you liked the game!

Some of the hieroglyphs (especially the one on the last level) are intentionally made difficult to understand but I think others turned out harder because of low resolution and the scratch marks

Glad you liked the game!
You can press R to reset the level. If you still have issues, you can play the pc version, web version might not work correctly at times. Sorry for the inconveniece!

AWESOME! I really like the story. The audio, graphics and the game mechanics really go well with each other.

The not-flesh-being-who-feed-on-emotions is a little buggy at times tho.

(I also like the Sparky's double jump animation for some reason)

This is the best game I have seen till now in this jam 5/5!

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Interesting! I like the idea of being able to shoot only when near.

Suggestion: The player can just bring two of the characters in one corner and spam the attack button, and since all enemies will pass through that point, the player can break the game like that and easily obtain tons of points. One way to fix this could be to make so the enemies move in different direction so the player can't easily predict the enemy movement and camp in one corner.

Overall I like the game. Great!

The idea behind the game is great but I couldn't get the player to fly on the block for some reason so I couldn't play it. This can become a great game once the flying mechanic is fixed! 

Nice! The jump height could be increased a bit. I was missing many jumps because the ledge was just a few pixels higher than my jump and I had to retry the jumps especially the first jump in the first level and the second level.

The graphics and the music is great! I also like the art style!

Great Job! I like the idea behind the game! The graphics are great too! Tho the game is very difficult, I can't go past floor 5 and it took me some time to understand the mechanics but it is understandable becuase this was made in a week

Thanks for the reply! Glad you liked the visuals of the game and you could give me tips even when you could not play the game.

Now that you mention it, the sky does look empty and needs something on it, I am thinking of adding clouds and/or stars to decorate the sky.

I understand why you could'nt play the game but I will make sure that your advice has an effect on the development of the game :)

Planet Unknown is an FPS Survival game set on an unexplored planet, currently in-development

Shoot & Slash Stuff, Fight Unseen Creatures and Conquer the Planet!

Link ->


Planet Unknown is an FPS Survival Game set on an unexplored planet.

Shoot & Slash Stuff, Fight Unseen Creatures and Conquer the Planet!

Link ->

Unity game engine

Thank you!

Here is my game,  Fist Fury (Chapter 0). It is an action-adventure game and the first game I've released. I took help from a friend, Stephan Bester who made the amazing music tracks for the game.

The story is focused more rather than the gameplay, so if you like story-based games, you might like this one.

It is the prologue for the upcoming game Fist Fury. I would really appreciate any advice/feedback/constructive criticisms

Link ->

Hope you like it :)

I found a solution to Level 9 (The Compound Level)... Make Ctrl + D rather than Ctrl + W... There seem to be more levels

Nice visuals, check!

Nice music, check!

Fun gameplay, check!

Golly! A perfect score!

Nice transitions in the game! I also like the squash/stretch animations of the ball!

Suggestions - I think the rotations can be a little faster, otherwise the game feels very slow. Also, you can replace the flag with a hole because putting balls into holes is satisfactory as compared to making it touch a flag. (You can keep the flag, without a collider so that we can identify where is the hole, like in golf)

Great Job!

Amazing Game! I did not expect the galaxy transition, no one came to take back the blue coat though, maybe he is now looking for the diner on Earth and we are in the galaxy lol....

Suggestion - The game is very fun! But gets a little boring time to time, maybe try decreasing the interval between each customer's arrival?

Great Job!