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Unfortunately I didn't finish it due to the frustration that came out of the Parkour section. I enjoyed what I witnessed until then though :)

This was certainly an interesting piece. Despite its seemingly low quality graphics, it really adds to the game's disturbing atmosphere along with the background noise. The gameplay is simple, but unique. I really would like to see more of this! It's really good!!

The ambience and sound effects really make this game unsettling. It's nice to see a disturbing game that uses sound as a main element of making the gameplay unsettling.

I've never felt so nervous. How can a game be so unnerving without containing any scary concepts?

Very well made and we had a good laugh with this one.

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I wish this game had more to it in terms of longer gameplay! It's so much fun, something that would work well as a party game on various platforms! The physics and phone calls made me laugh, the graphics are bright and wacky and the names on the groceries were amusing to look at!

I believe it's SAM, a text-to-speech programme that was used on consoles like the Commodore 64 and Atari :)