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No plans for Evade on Linux, but if you don't have access to Windows or Mac and would still be interested in playing, the game is available on iOS and Android if you have one of those platforms.


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The development process for our newest entry "Corona Town USA" has officially begun. (Screenshots below...) 


With a grocery list in hand and a face mask (required) equipped to your face, you must be brave and successfully collect every item you need without getting coughed on by mask-mandate violators! Traverse the aisles and complete 5 mini-games related to your grocery-getting adventure. Earn Cough-Coins and purchase new face masks and grocery carts in the shop to make your life easier.

Collectible Masks

  • The 6 Footer (Surgeons Mask.)
  • Plague Mask
  • Spaceman Helmet
  • Fishbowl
  • Hazmat Suit

Collectible Carts

  • Regular Cart (What'ya want me to say? It's a f***ing cart.)
  • The Rust Bucket (Bring your own wheels.)
  • Cyber Cart (Elon would be proud.)
  • Whale Mobile (This baby does 1 aisle per hour.)
  • Tank  (Ever wanted to blow up a grocery store? Me too, kid.)

That's all for now! We will post more every week as progress continues. Thank you for reading!

Cyber Cart (Side)

Cyber Cart (Front)

Tank with unlockable Spaceman Helmet

I'm sorry to hear this! If you could please tell me what version you are on and what happened to make this bug happen it would help me a lot! I have been doing extensive testing with the debugger and I cannot reproduce this bug, so any help would be great! I want everyone to experience the full game with as little problems as possible. Thanks!

- Matt 

I'm glad you enjoyed our game! That is definitely not supposed to happen at the ending! This weekend, I will study your video and fix anybugs for a better experience for you. I watched the last three minutes of your video and it was funny! Keep up the good work. If you don't mind telling me, what version of the game were you playing? I know with the recent update we released it fixed that weird "E" in the middle of the screen bug. Thanks!

Thank you for playing our game! You unlock the email sequence if you can complete the game once without dying. Good luck. 😉

Thank you for your input, and yes the extra content can be unlocked by playing the game without dying once. We're happy you enjoyed!

We appreciate the love and exposure on your channel. We can't wait to share more soon!

Good to hear your feedback. We're a bit behind, but we are currently working on a new update that will address all of these issues. Please stay tuned!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your thoughts, it’s valued and we don’t take your criticism lightly. We’re striving to become better designers every day. The creature is not supposed to one hit you. Are you running version 1.0.1? If so, make sure you drink a “U Up?” Soda before going outside and while outrunning him, hold Shift to sprint. As long as you are moving fast, we have a check in the code to where he can hit you 10 times before dying. We hope for you to try again and push through to complete it! If not, please sit back for the mobile version for iPhone which will be much easier to complete. Thanks again, and we hope to share more work soon. 

Did you walk around the whole office?

It's intentionally supposed to emulate the challenging theme of 90's gameplay! I promise it's worth trying to get to the end. Good luck and thank you for the generous comment!

Check out the "README" included in the download for some helpful tips on how to play!