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Thanks the suggestions are great, will try it out and see if it works! We definitely need to add score limit and such, right now we are focusing on bugs like the controller and a black screen situation.  Are you in our discord channel, would be fun to have you onboard with suggestions + features :P

Watched the video, dont understand much but both are smiling and screaming so that's good! :D

Alright :)

Happy hear that you're enjoying our game. The mechanics takes some time to get use to, and that's the point! :)

You mention improvments, mind telling us what more specifically? :)

<3 !

Thanks for the kind words, we really enjoyed the video!

We had some ideas of adding different parts just like you're saying, so players can add their own flavor to the bots :)

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  • Strange that Xbox One wont work, will check asap!
  • Keyboard support comes in the next update, very very soon!

Looks great :)

Working on it now! 

Alright, we're adding keyboard support! 

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I'm now sitting with a ps3 controller, can't get it to work at all. 

If you join Knockbots's discord channel we could work this out. (Post in the bugs section so we know who you are) ^^

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You can't, the game is designed for gamepads in my mind! We could dig into it if the interest arises more :)

You can't use the keyboard, more than moving up/down in the menu. 

I did some tests with a ps4 controller with nothing breaking, must be the ps3 then... I'll report back later this week on this issue :)


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Are you using any drivers/programs to make it works?

Try downloading it again, I changed the system so it should support almost all gamepads now.

That ain't good! I only own a Xbox controller, will look into this asap and report back :)

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