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Robin Deriaud

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Hi ! we enjoyed playing your game a lot !

The best part was the sound design, which was really fun, sync to the movements ! :)

Hey ! With my mate Charly, we've made a dating simulator. Yes. But with an alien ! Hope you'll enjoy it

Thanks a lot ! We're so happy you enjoyed it ! There will be more soon, come back in few weeks :D

Yes, it's nice to have detailed feedbacks like yours.

We're thinking on it, we'll see how to manage it ! ;)

It's because we didn't implemented the win event yet ! ;)

Thanks for your feedback, you won ! Congrats !!

Yes, we'll continue the game in the next few weeks, lot of stuff we we're trying to complete for the jam and don't suceed to so ... follow the project page, updates are coming soon 

Hey ! We were thinking about changing the UI, but we need to think about it because of the "phone" aspect of it ;)

Thanks a lot for your feedback !

Merci pour ton retour ! On prévoit la suite et même le jeu complet dans les semaines à venir, on vous tiendra au jus sur Arcadia. Et bonne nouvelle : ce sera 100% gratuit