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Posted in Development.

can you tell me whats the link or send it to me?

Created a new topic So is this game now done???

i dont get it? i read a post about people updating this game for free which would be amazing and i may would like to give ideas or suggestions(only that if thats ok) and yeah will this game get updates form dasius later at some point again or what happend?

Created a new topic SOOOO EXICTED

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW UPDATE. I will do a lot of youtube videos :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

no problem does the next update come out at end of this month or end of july?

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I have a YouTube channel ist not a big one but i will try to let the game look really good and thanks for such an amazing game.


Posted in Bug Reports

i have the bug with copper if i order it ist in a box then i smaash it open with my hammer and somehow it gltiches Underground or flies away (i dont want to drag them once at time so yeah)

Created a new topic Bug found

i'm new and i ofund out that copper flies away or Bugs itself Underground when i open it from the box i ordered any help to not let t happen again?