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This game was really fun, one of the best short horror games I've played tbh! Keep up the good work!

This game was spooky and pretty fun! I got some Resident Evil vibes; enjoyed the atmosphere a lot! 

starts around 2:00

I'm so hyped for this game rn!! Enjoyed the demo a lot, can't wait for the full game. Keep up the good work! 

I enjoyed the demo a lot, that jumpscare was lethal too tho! 😂😭 Keep up the good work!

This game was great! Wish it was longer to be honest! Good job keep up the good work

Cool! Thanks for watching 😁

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This was a great game bro, but personally I think it was to easy 😅I beat the whole game, and got the crap scared outta me along the way 💀hope you enjoy this video!

Mannn I got tore up tbh with! 😂 I've never been so scared in my life playing a horror game, and I could barely get through the jumpscare! GJ on the game!

Bro this game was super scary, I could not handle it!! Good job on the game man 👍🏾

Yo man, I screamed way to loud, but if I could run it would be a GG.

I had so much fun with this game, good job! Hope you enjoy my video, and Merry Christmas!

Came to share on the as well, once again nice game bro :D

This was a pretty cool horror game, it was very dark and atmospheric, and that got to me a lot! Enjoyed it a bunch!

This game was great man really enjoyed it a lot! Made a video on it, also posted to gamejolt :p

I enjoyed the game a lot, was a lot harder thank I thought it would be, hope you enjoy my video :))

I enjoyed the game a lot, was a lot harder thank I thought it would be, hope you enjoy my video :))

What if... Someone came from the window too? Idk man good game anyways :D

This was a great horror game! I really enjoyed it a lot, and those jumpscares kept getting me xD

Can't wait to see what this game becomes, and good luck to you :)

This was actually pretty hard, I thought it would take me 10 15 minutes... Nah fam xD

Hope you enjoy the video :)

This game was awesome, an epic short horror game I enjoyed a lot :D

This was a cool game I had a lot of fun with it, and made a video, ca't wait until the game is finish, and I LOVE the soundtrack :D

Keep up the good work!!