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My level so far, still a WIP. This only a 4th of it, as it currently takes up 4 screens. PLAINS OF SHOVELRY!

Here's the ideas from yesterdays stream

-add jewels and treasure heaps to dig up

-Resize Sprites for bigger enemies

-books/platforms from PrideMoor Keep

Just stating the ones from yesterdays stream. 

-clearing levels/resets has a chance to kill shovel knight permanently 

-randomly changed what I had selected while building

This is just plain awesome dude. No doubt about it

Thank you so much bro this looks awesome! Much needed

What is the license for using the pixelart? Here is the game, there is also a hardcore version of it as well.

This is

Game is done
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Finally am done making the game
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Hope y'all enjoy!

I hope y'all don't mind, I saw these awesome assets and am using them in a game. if you want i can post a link here when the game is done.

These are awesome. I'm using them in a game I'm making, hope that's ok

Poggers. This looks awesome and I hope you dont mind I'm using it for a game. If you want once the game is finished I can post a link here.

Yo, this is cool. I'll be using this for boss fights in a game. Would you like me to post a link to the game here once its done?

The game is almost complete. I'm just working on the bossfights and fixing some glitches/bugs then it'll be out! Do you want me to post a link here when it comes out?

Yo this looks awesome! I was thinking about putting it as a boss in a game I'm developing that's almost complete, is that ok?

Howdy bro! These are perfect for a project I'm working on. I'm making a collection app to keep all the games I make in. Thank you so much for this incredible artwork.

That would be megacool.

Here's the video, sorry about the long wait! Hope it helps bring more players to this game, its really fun.

uh, the characters that are made in the character creator? can we use them to make games?

I got the most clutch win ever! I couldn't move down because the blocks got stuck but amazingly I had enough time to jump on them until they went down lol and then somehow that run ended up being over 350. I don't think I'll be able to top this anytime soon.

I got a better one now lol the new record is 298.1 Still on the road to my ultimate goal: is it possible to get 1K? 

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What is the license for these awesome doors? Commercial use? Credits? I'm working on making a dungeon platformer, these would be perfect for it.

Perhaps. Originally the game was just going to be a parkour only game, but that's changed. I plan to include enemies, bosses, and even a story mode at some point!

are we allowed to use the characters for games?

I do not have one yet but as soon as I have time to play it I will. I'll make a video about it, I'm a Youtuber that likes to showcase indie games. One of the reasons is I myself am an indie game dev, but mainly: its really cool to see what y'all make. There's always more than just "outside the box", if you get the expression.

Press Shift to Pause the game!

I've made the demo of the game. Sadly I was unable to add the feature where players can swap between characters but hopefully in the future I can add that in.

Prior to getting 266.4 my best was 145.9.  Honestly I think its a combination of skill and luck. Rng has a lot to do with it. Keep trying, one day you'll get to the point where 100 is no sweat (and no, I'm not there yet lol)

Bro this looks freakin amazin! I've got an awesome game idea I'll use with this.I'm going to make a game where you can swap characters between the Knight and Archer Hero, if you make more characters similar to these I'll add them in too!

Great! Even for commercial games?

Are we allowed to use these bots for games? What's the license for them?

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I would've had a much faster run, since one time i got to level 5 without playing a single card but then I died without completing the game.

Are the generated planets allowed to be used in commercial games?

Any chance you have a physical copy of this card game made as well? or a print n play?

this is where im stuck. I can get the 2 apples, but im locked out of the rest of the game. it only lets me single jump, refuses to give me a second jump here.

I would exept for one problem: for some reason at a specic place that you can only reach with a double jump, the game refuses to let me double jump. I can only single jump, so i die. I can only get 2 apples and im basically softlocked out of the rest of the game.

ok, If i post a link to a video will that count? [that is, until somebody gets a higher score]

There's one room where the moving block that kills you is moving way too quickly