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Well I am updating some download links as I am currently transfering some files to another server. I also improved the game pages by adding screenshots, backgrounds and banners, to give a better look of what the games are :)

Hi everyone :) I have finished updating the pages of my games and added some new ones, all available in english (some are french). I hope you will enjoy them !

They have no use in themselves, but you can sell them to the collector to get some money. Other objects can be offered as gifts to people you want to increase relationships with :)

Lol :D

You naughty :p

Lol congratulations ;)

Very sorry to hear that :-/

In that case, it's mostly just because they have nothing interesting to say :)

Thank you very much :)

Sorry to read this. I have put the direct download links into the game description instead.

The Download works for me. Did you autorise pop-ups on your navigator ?

Yes, sorry, I didn't play it for a long time :) Did you bought your wand at Ollivander's ? Then you can access your spell book, on the top right corner in the menu :)

Do a right click with your mouse until you have a wand with sparkles, then click on the character :)

Gringotts it as the right end of the Diagon Alley. After you got your money, buy all you need for the school (except the animal), then go back to the Weaky Cauldron, in the street outside, and click on the side of the screen to call the Knight Bus and go to the train station :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi Eiffie thank you for your comment :) You can change language in the winsetup.exe
I know the letter says you can buy a pet but it was just to fit the novel, you can't actually buy a pet in the game.
Thank you I am glad you like this game :)

A very good little game, nice graphics and animations, puzzles are clever. Good job :)

Super, merci beaucoup :)

It works well for me . Here is the direct download link :)

I am really sorry, I didn't put this option in the game :-/ You can't turn off the music. I hope it's ok anyway. Thank you :)

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Hi :) I am new on, I am a French comic book drawer and I make little games as a hobby :)

I'd like to present you my free games I made with Adventure Games Studio. They are mostly point & click games but I have made many types of games (RPG, match-3...). They are all on my website :

- Before the Dark Crystal ("Dark Crystal" fan game, hand-drawn) :

- Dread Mac Farlane ("Peter Pan" fan game, hand-drawn) :

- Memories of a Snake ("Harry Potter fan game):

- Tao Through Space and Time ("Doctor Who" fan game) :

Also available :

- Before the Dark Crystal assets :

- Dread Mac Farlane, the comic book :

I hope you will enjoy :)