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That cheat codes are for my Boosty supporters

Just busy. Fuckin your mom, nothing personal

I don't talk anime language

Don't worry, Pixel, you'll meet Herobrine again. And thank you for your review <3

If I found any Korean translators who want to help

Чел, я тоже русский, можешь так не напрягаться

Stuck in the game? Ask other players for advice here!

HornyCraft v0.10 community · Created a new topic FAQ

Q: Are the saves transferred from the old version to the new one?
A: Yes. In the case of the PC version, this happens automatically. For the android version - just do not delete the game, but install the update on top of the old version

Q: When the next update?
A: I don't know, but I try to do updates once a month. I cannot guarantee that there will be a new update every month, but I will try to make it so.

Q: What is this code in the game? Where can I get it?
A: This is a cheat code for Platinum supporters. It provides game resources. You can get it if you support the development of the game on Boosty

Q: I really like the game! How can I help?
A: You can always advise your friends, family, dog, store clerk or some YouTuber or streamer to play the game. The more people find out about the game, the better! You can also support the game with Boosty money and get nice bonuses for it, like exclusive sketches, concepts and early access to updates

Sure. No problems

It's completed 


Sure, I don't mind


Это откуда тебе вдруг такое известно? Аж интересно стало

horse cock

This is a cheat code for my Boosty supporters

I don't know Spanish, so I can't make a translation into it

I'm trying my best


Thanks for sharing video of the game, dude! It helps  game to find new players, I appreciate it!

Follow news about updates in my discord server

Sure! Herobrine-chan is also present

Thank you for your feedback! I'm already considering my options


Thanks, buddy!

Sounds interesting, I'll think about your idea!

I would really like to add more stuff, including mobs. It all depends on how the development goes



Bikini scene is nothing for you? That's sad, man




I don't see any reason why some US law should prohibit a private company from providing its services to residents of a small area that has been under fire from Ukraine for 8 years.

Unfortunately, no, these services are not suitable. I'm already trying to get started with Boosty

Lol, maybe companies just shouldn't get involved in politics? Don't you think so?

I'm already working on its design, buddy! But thank you for help, I appreciate it

This is not possible at the moment. But in the future - maybe