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Completely agree with pancake here thankyou!

Overlapping arch pieces can make pointed arches for windows,
Resizing/shaping the hanging cloth can make all kinds of useful parabolic shapes, 

Placing the N's from aircraft into a wall can make medieval house pannels, the same can be done with fences.

Also using roof pieces upside-down can make for interesting walkways 

I can confirm I have had all the same problems, I have hotfixed it by simply offsetting the objects with colliding UV's by an extremely small amount, or where possible merging them. Both these methods work for removing the flickering- good luck!


Shame I cant do the stained glass windows... *hint hint*

Would not have been possible without SaturnDesigns wood furniture collection, Thank you!

I hope do to upload more in the future, we'll see how this goes :)

The .Model File is avaible here:

Have fun forging!

Just generic ground foliage would be a huge boost!

Thought I should post a screenshot of what I've been up to using Asset Forge :D I've found through creative use of blocks all kinds of things are possible that I didn't expect and I'm so thankful for the tool's creation! good luck to all of you out there making things!

>Made in Unreal across 2-3 days with very little prior experience of AssetForge or Unreal