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SGDad of SpectrumGamerET on YT

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Great fun,  even for a single player!!

"Superbly Wonderful, A Delight to Play" SGdaddy of Spectrum Gamer Family Channel

Having fun with youtube is great but can be a grind to get traction,  Dont get disheartened,  try and work to a regular video schedule and be yourself but crank it up a notch,  be exited and passionate but genuine.  If you look at my channel I am working to a consistency. 

Get yourself tubebuddy browser plugin and learn how to use it,  write engaging titles,  keep a consistent image,   install grammarly if grammar and spelling are issues as it will help.   

I have a youtube group on,  its worth getting a account to start our on and post your videos and gaming updates there linking it to your twitter account. 

Most importantly,  have fun.

BTW,  mine is at

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Loved Grandma and the fear I got from playing it,  it has good atmosphere and recommend a play through of it: 

I hate playing horror games so .... why not do a horror game series on youtube? Seems like a good idea,  see me get really scared!! :)