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I really do like where this is going, great voice acting (I still get a little sad when I hear "Fun & Charming" on ending 1) and the minimalist visuals really suits this well! It's too bad I can't seem to get any endings other than #1

Really fun game with a lot of potential!
I'll start off with some of the things I really loved!
  • The plot is really interesting.
  • What little voice acting there is is surprisingly good!
  • The art is great I love it!
  • Most of the puzzles were brain scratchers but not impossible to figure out.

Now here are some of the things I noticed in my playthrough, I understand this is still a work in progress

  • There are some really obvious spelling errors, moreso later in the playthrough.
  • I'm not sure if it's just me, but the hitboxes can be kind of weird and hard to click
  • I was left feeling really clueless a lot of the time, and not in the good way, I resorted to using a walkthrough around 3 times (At the door in the rest room, the power box, and several places in the escape sequence)
But all-in-all I really loved this and I've already recommended this to some of my friends.
Keep up the great work! I'm eager to see what you guys have in store for the full game.

The long-awaited sequel, I just found it today and even though it's a demo I'll probably put way too much time into it like the first game