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imho - main problem of your game is that signs blends with surrounding - highlight it with color (or make it reflect sunlight like modern road signs) - hopefully Mark already explained that.

Also, as Mark said, theme was "GENRE without MECHANIC", and as i said you haven't mentioned what is your genre and what mechanic you had thrown away. Maybe it's just me, but i didn't understand what you have said with your game.

At first i wasn't mindful enough and thought that i should throw then in the ocean.
But after 2 min of hen throwing i noticed that they fly back at ship.

Short but entertaining :D

Unforgiving game at first run -  i didn't even noticed first two signs with tips and rushed down with panic :D Also sometimes, when cart gain some speed it's almost impossible to click on signs - sometimes even cursor didn't turn green when i was near signs.

Anyway, what was your goal? It's isn't obvious for me, and you didn't write it in description.