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That was fun! I really enjoyed hopping around and kiting the evil thingy.

Also if I had a nickel for every game from this jam that was themed around a snow globe, I'd have two nickels! Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice, right??

The art is really cool.

The mechanic of hiding in the green bubbles was cool, it reminded me of Paper Mario. Overall it was just a really fun little game! Not too hard, but very engaging. I like it :)

The bob-ombs are SO CUTE! I love the way they squish and tilt when they walk. Literally I would just watch them for fun. Which is cool because that's what the game is for the most part!

I loved the moving backwards ""feature"" :)

I love the aesthetics. 40 is a big number, but it was fun to just relax and take in the world's vibe.

Fun game! It's amazing what you can do with very simple mechanics.

the music is a bop and a half

Really original mechanics, and the art and sounds sell the fantasy well. I could see this turned into a full game with some added strategic elements.

The flowers are cute and I like that the bouncy balls rotate and are different colors.

This was definitely one of the more creative takes on the theme.

Nice submission! I enjoy that you took a more lighthearted tone, it's a nice break from some of the darker or more melancholy works.

This poem makes me think of two things:

1. A dark, somber experience about the end of a man's life.

2. A bullet that can kill the past? EEEEEEEEEEEENTER THE GUNGEON!

Either way, great entry.

Nice game, I enjoyed it.

Ah, that makes sense. Now I can justify my senseless actions, thanks!

That's fair. I didn't put too much effort into a tutorial.

I like that you can kill your own guys for no reason whatsoever haha.

Thank you :)

Really fun and chill! I appreciated the hints, especially toward the end.

Alcohol, Orange, Lime! Oh, you weren't asking how to make a margarita? Well I remembered anyways :3

Cool game. I got relieved when I saw a margarita because I had that one memorized! Never got that confident with the other ones, though... I'd make a terrible bartender, especially since I don't drink :P

Honestly the hardest earned reward in gaming history.

Hey! You should consider joining the discord:

We have a channel dedicated to finding people to work with, and you can post about your development process as well.

Fun game! I enjoyed it :)

The switch controller doesn't work natively with windows 10. If you want to use it with non-steam games, look up BetterJoy.

false advertising, enemies are cuddly

Really fun game. Although, requiring coyote time for a jump is a bit much, even for bonus content.

I like that the character changes shape when they die.

Yeah, it was pretty difficult. Also a lot harder than most of the platforming.

That was fun! I like how the angry face moves up and down with your mouse.

I feel like I shouldn't have failed on the first level, but... I did :P Might be a good idea to put a retry there.

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Wow, this game is so cool! What a unique spin on the theme, too. I'd love to see this concept made into a full blown strategy game. (although the simplicity of it is awesome in its own way.)

I love the beetles, they're adorable.

There seems to be a lot of potential here, and some interesting design, but it is very buggy. I like the music, and the character's design is very unique. Seems very creative.

I like it! Those are probably the most dangerous slimes in the history of gaming.

an abbreviation, if that helps :P

Thank you.

Be proud of that feat! It's not an easy game, I made some of the later levels delightfully devilish >:}

Thank you.

Thank you, and I appreciate the clever wordplay haha. The title has a double meaning as well ;)

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Thank you!

Controlling a platformer on keyboard is weird. Personally I have a strong distaste for space bar jumping, but I also understand it's industry standard, and there's merit to matching what people expect when it comes to controls. It's something I'll keep in mind for future projects for sure.

Also, the art was handled (mostly) by CoffeeBlend, so you've him to thank for the stellar visuals.