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Hey! You should consider joining the discord:

We have a channel dedicated to finding people to work with, and you can post about your development process as well.

Fun game! I enjoyed it :)

The switch controller doesn't work natively with windows 10. If you want to use it with non-steam games, look up BetterJoy.

false advertising, enemies are cuddly

Really fun game. Although, requiring coyote time for a jump is a bit much, even for bonus content.

I like that the character changes shape when they die.

Yeah, it was pretty difficult. Also a lot harder than most of the platforming.

That was fun! I like how the angry face moves up and down with your mouse.

I feel like I shouldn't have failed on the first level, but... I did :P Might be a good idea to put a retry there.

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Wow, this game is so cool! What a unique spin on the theme, too. I'd love to see this concept made into a full blown strategy game. (although the simplicity of it is awesome in its own way.)

I love the beetles, they're adorable.

There seems to be a lot of potential here, and some interesting design, but it is very buggy. I like the music, and the character's design is very unique. Seems very creative.

I like it! Those are probably the most dangerous slimes in the history of gaming.

an abbreviation, if that helps :P

Thank you.

Be proud of that feat! It's not an easy game, I made some of the later levels delightfully devilish >:}

Thank you.

Thank you, and I appreciate the clever wordplay haha. The title has a double meaning as well ;)

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Thank you!

Controlling a platformer on keyboard is weird. Personally I have a strong distaste for space bar jumping, but I also understand it's industry standard, and there's merit to matching what people expect when it comes to controls. It's something I'll keep in mind for future projects for sure.

Also, the art was handled (mostly) by CoffeeBlend, so you've him to thank for the stellar visuals.

This is partly an apology but mostly just a rant... if you don't live in the US you might not know that a freak snowstorm hit and knocked out power in many areas, especially Texas where I live. Sometimes the power comes back on but it will flash off for a few seconds every 4 minutes making it impossible to use my gaming PC.

I normally like to rate all the games and leave a comment but if I haven't already I unfortunately might not get to before the deadline.

So if I don't get to your game or respond to a comment please don't take it personally! I'll try to do so as soon as things go back to normal over here. I'm probably overthinking this and no one would've been offended anyways, but at least now I can rest assured. Anyone else going through this?

Refreshingly short. A lot of people would take this game's content and stretch it out to the point where it's not fun anymore. Kudos on a neat little game that respects the player's time.

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What a fun game! I got stuck on level 3, but ultimately managed to overcome.

Fair enough. Yeah, since the battles are longer than most other deckbuilders you cycle through your deck more so 'thindecking' feels more enticing.  Raising the power level of non-starter cards could help with that, too. You'll notice in StS you don't see attack cards that deal 6 damage outside the starter pool, they're all inherently better by default to make adding cards more enticing.

Wow this is so cool! I love a lot of the design decisions of this game, and the card track is especially cool. It's a really clever way of mitigating the luck and adding in some strategy while still making the game feel like a card game. I'm very eager to see where this project goes.

If I had to give a criticism, I'd say that the starting deck feels bland. You'll notice most other deckbuilders start you off with a couple of interesting cards right off the bat to keep the game interesting right from the start. The closest to that in this is the archer's 0 cost block card, but the other characters feel too generic at the start, and that's especially a problem given that you seem to get less cards in this than other games. I think it'd be cool to switch out a couple of the basic cards with more interesting cards, like putting a status condition or a push card in the base deck, for example.

I love the enemy design so far, too. The elites are super scary! And the boss is just stupid strong haha.

may I just say without playing the game that artstyle is just... *chef's kiss*

What a neat idea! I love how the game doesn't need a tutorial on how it's a mobius strip since you start on the other side. A very enjoyable simple experience.

I really enjoyed the combat in this game, it has a lot of weight to it and the enemy design is good. Lots of telegraphing and lenience toward the player which is important and makes it feel fair.

However, I feel like the slow movement and methodical motion of the combat translates into laborious puzzles that take way too long to complete, even if the solution is obvious. There's a lot of walking and ledge jumping during which you don't really do much. You can roll to go slightly faster but it still feels tedious.

This wouldn't be that bad, and it wasn't enough to keep me from playing, but then I died and had to return to a checkpoint. The slow movement speed made getting back to where I was feel not worth it, and that feeling was compounded by having to do the same puzzles over again.

I don't know what you could do to solve this problem. For a game with rooms this large, movement should really be MUCH faster, but that kind of clashes with the way the combat works, and the idea that you're weighed down by an oversized sword.

To end on a positive note, I love the art. It's not groundbreakingly innovative per se, yet it feels like its own unique style while also striking a nostalgic chord. In particular, the scorpion enemy is very cute, to the point I almost feel bad for slaughtering it.

Making a tactics game for a game jam is ambitious, but you guys did a great job! The AI is almost a little TOO good haha. Some minor quirks, as to be expected due to time constraints. And it's a bit hard to be clever given the limited options and lack of randomness or hidden information. But overall a very polished and creative game.

I like how hills give a damage and range buff, that type of thing isn't often seen and it adds a lot.

Cool beans! I enjoyed it.

Hey, feel free to post your high scores here in the comments! I'd love to hear them.

Whoa! What an experience! I love how the character gets smaller when you go to certain places. The art overall was just fantastic.

I also like that even though it's short, it has a clear goal, an arc, and a conclusion.

I LOVE the aesthetic of this game! It's got a nice kind of eerie vibe while also being cute.

The music is perfect, too. Not something I would like outside of context necessarily but it fits the game to a tee. The overall package is very professional.

The level design is also pretty good, and the character feels fun to control.

Yes, a keymap was planned but just barely didn't make it in time. But if you hover over the buttons, they tell you what they do. Also, hovering over the buttons might help with your other problem too. (Although it doesn't fix it for keyboard controls, sorry.)

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the input.

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Uh, wrong game haha. Pretty sure there's no rocket in this one.

Although admittedly, that'd be pretty sick.

Please make sure you didn't conflate your ratings, as well.

Cool game! I got 1715 with the Barbarian Cleaver. I actually think it might be better than the starting sword.

I really like how you gave a generous amount of lives. It would feel bad to lose because of one lousy mistake, but this way it's your long-term skill that's tested. Very fun game.

The game feel is nice, very juicy particles and sound effects.

Remember, the theme was optional.

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What a fun concept! Good job! I'm excited to see where this goes.

You might want to change the status from "released" to in development, btw.

I had one life left and the ball phased through the last brick on level three! I wanted to cry.

But I won with zero lives left and felt like a god. 10/10 game, bugs or not.

Thank you :) If you downloaded the game *just* when it released there was a bug where hunger didn't do anything, but it's fixed now.

Basically, your hunger refills whenever you split an enemy. It's there to keep you from just hiding in a corner. If you play the game normally it won't often matter, but it keeps you from cheesing out a lot of points.