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Oh I'm working on a mobile version right now! You can follow me on twitter for updates if you like!

oh thank you! Wrassling is still my favourite game :3

idk what you're asking? I just make games and I figured Flash was a good way to let people play it, wasn't any real thought behind it!


I think that *might* be because I didn't add a "-" to the font but I'm not sure. Wanted to know but never managed to get to a - score myself!

what if homework is my idea of a fun and personal challenge

If I do anything, Stencyl.

"Sprites use one of two shared palettes. The palette which is used is determined on a per-sprite basis. Yes, they have 3 colours each."

Didn't know that one! That's p interesting.


so you could have 2 of these 4 combinations and that's for the entire game? Dang.

Sure, it's not really rule-breaking. I'll rephrase: The jam rewards entries that have the least spirit of gameboy games.

I love this jam, it's my favorite of all game jams, but you can't tell me that it makes sense.

I'm not as mad as the OP about this but it IS kinda weird that this jam rewards entries that break the rules. Obviously not respecting the sprite limitations means you can draw nicer sprites. I went back through previous jams and p much all of the winning entries used sprites at whatever sizes they wanted, didn't keep to the grid, used all 4 colors for every sprite etc.

And the response to that is generally "the official rules are only that you should make a game with 4 colors and it should have a 160x144 resolution" but why are we calling it GBJam then? At that point it's the Four Color Small Screen Jam. #FCSSJAM2017

I mean it's just a game jam so it's fun regardless, but it is a lil' odd!