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Hi, I was wondering when will the game be fully released?

Is there a set date or year?


it's commercial


Hi there, I have a suggestion...

can there be an event where Ray gets sick and the Dietrick can either help him or abuse him further...or Ray can helps the monster when he gets sick so that the monster can keep on protecting him from the other monsters


the same thing happened with the 1.3 pc version

Ahh, also... could you tell me who said this line to whom?

"So then why, as we get closer…  As we fall in love…  Do your eyes tell such a sad tale?"

My curiosity got the better of me...but if it's a secret, then it's fine...


Just curious is all XD

v.v   sorry to be a bother

Hi, I wanted to ask... when will the game complete? 

I just got so immersed in it that I just can't seem to wait anymore^^

Not trying to rush or anything, just wanted to know, is all~


sweet~ 😽😽😽

When will the full game be released? 😙😙😙

When will the game complete? 😚😚😚

Wait, will the protagonist be a seme or uke? 😯😯😯

ah, I also agree with this request...^^ my laptop broke down...and all I have is my phone right now. Hehe...