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Neat idea! Love the mechanics that, while simple, are addictive enough! Good job!

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Would love to see a video of someone playing my game I hope you like it, it’s a mix of farming and racing simulator games!

For being your first game jame, I gotta say. This is impressive! You were able to pack a good number of different mechanics, and design really cool levels. I think that I was able to cheese some of them by taking advantage of the fact that, whenever you position a box below you in mid-air, your jump restarts. But aside from that, I gotta say, it was a cool game! I hope you like this mix of farming and arcade racing games! Hope you like the combination of farming and arcade racing games! :)

It’s great that you were able to create all art assets and have an amazing idea for combining two completely unrelated genres. I appreciate the creativity! There wer some few times when the ball got stuck and didn’t move, and unfortunately, the Go sign appeared, but I couldn’t actually go to the next area.

Anyways, I like the idea. Great job, guys!

Great job! I’m impressed by the cute characters and the presentation. The gameplay is pretty straight forward, but it’s well implemented and, as any other idle game for me, kind of addicting.

I like the idea, and it fits the game jam perfectly!

The issues that I had were:

  • This may be an issue only with me, but I thought that the best time to press the arrow keys was when the triangles were above the arrows (Considering the arrows were there and ressembled a DDR game), but after a couple of failed tries, I realized that they needed to be pressed when the triangles were at the vertical line at the left. I think this line should be highlighted more, to send the player a clearer message of when the he needs to press the buttons.
  • It would’ve been interesting to randomize the series of notes for each use of the same attack a little, or at least change it between characters.
  • For being a rythm game, it lacked some music :( Having a beat as background music would have done greats for the game

But overall, after some minor improvements, this could be a little fun experience! Great job :)

I was stuck in 3rd place, it felt like the opponent knew when I was going to accelerate, and when I was going to Side-Pass!

Great game! I really liked it, and didn’t have any issues with it whatsoever. Good job!

I really like how pollished the game looks, well done! The only issue that I have is that, after clicking the “READY” button, the camera goes back to the bomb and if you want to move it to see where to aim exactly (when the targets are out of view), it starts to shoot the bomb.

But aside from that, everything was fun! Great job!

I completely understand, it happens to me all the time.. haha

The presentation is amazing! Simple, yet really well polished!

The gameplay itself, while clean and well implemented, I think it was way too easy, even after the arrows got closer. It would’ve been interesting if you actually had the blacksmith make some weapons to use them as another mechanic, to vary the gameplay a little.

The idea is really well made and leads to a fun experience! The minor issues that I had are that the enemies move way too fast, and selecting the seeds is kinda hard, as other people have said. But the game is very well made, and with some minor improvements, it could be really addicting. Good job!

The graphics were really polished, great job!

Also the idea is really simple, but entertaining! Love the fact that you randomize the placement of the symbols to make reruns more interesting. In terms of gameplay, I would’ve liked a dash button instead of having to press a direction twice, mostly because of how unnatural it feels to do so when moving diagonally.

But overall, a great game! Nice and fun!

I already saw some of this on Twitter, and my thoughts are the same. The mix is amazing! I love the personality and the presentation of each character!

The gameplay could be a little better. I felt that there were some times when my driver didn’t start a conversation, or keep one, even though I was still at the same distance with the other car. Also, once I got lost in the trees, and because I couldn’t see where my car was facing, it was really hard to get out.. haha

But overall, nice work!

The art is impressive! I love the pixel art feel. That’s a 5/5 right there!

The controls were kinda rough tho, they felt unresponsive. Probably because of all the things that push you around?

Also, aside from the bullets, I wasn’t sure what else was damaging me.

Improvements on the gameplay will do wonders for this game!

Yes, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter the jam at first, but said “screw it” and unfortunately lost 24 hrs of the jam. But to be fair, most of the assets weren’t made by me.

I am football :3

Just amazing! And the fact that you’ve made both art assets and music just is unbelievable! I loved the controls (specially jumping, for some reason, it feels right to be able to move faster when on the air) and the sound effects are very reminiscent of Space Herrier and old arcade games, so very good job again!

Not sure which genres are you mixing here, but the idea of preparing yourself for each wave by making the wheel spin is really interesting, and can be a lot of fun when you really need those seeds

Another farming game! Nice!

I like the idea of adding strategy to selling wheat by having its price changing all the time, but the issue that I had is that I couldn’t find a goal after selling all of what I’ve harvested. Should I plant it and doing that all over again until I have no money? I think there was something missing in your idea to add replayability to the game.

Also, as a tip, remember to invert the steering when going backwards. That’s how cars usually work in real life, and it is what you expect when yoou play a game as well.

Really liked the concept, cute art style (as you always have) and thight controls!

I did found a bug (I got stuck once at 2900 on the first wave, and the second wave never started for some reason, probably because I was killing some enemies off screen?) Also, I could not find where you say that a you can double jump, as I discovered it by accident right in the middle of the 3rd wave.

I would’ve liked to have the platforms rearrange in every wave to add more of a difference between them, but considering the way you’ve done the difficuly progression, it would’ve been just a nice to have. The waves, as they are now, feel different enough based on the enemies behavior (The ones that shoot at you just don’t have mercy in the 3rd wave, right?)

Overall, nice submission, Vim!

My web build finished just one minute before the deadline after half hour of uncertainity if I’d even make it.

Thanks! Indeed, I had lot of ideas, but I started the game only yesterday, and was short of time :( One of the ideas was to actually use the money to buy upgrades for your tools or your car. :D

Really enjoyed the premise. I realized that I was playing it wrong the first couple of times that I tried it, because I wasn’t planning ahead at all and was just waiting for the next card of my current path to arrive (For which I loved the little flash detail that you add when that card actually arrives)

The leaderboard wasn’t showing for me though, which is a shame because I would’ve loved to see my name there on the last places. :D

Also, on a side note, I’ve been reviewing games for the last couple of houres, and I’ve seen your username a couple of times already. You always provide good feedback and make some great and deep comments. You definitely have a lot of experience. Great job on that as well!

Going back to the beginning after receiving an arrow hit was unforgiving.. haha I like the idea, but the camera could have been a little higher, mostly because of some depth perception issues. The shadow of the character helps in letting the player know where he’s going to land, but, because of the camera, when the player jumped too high (Like when using the springs, for example), the shadow wasn’t visible at all until the very last moment, when it just wasn’t helpful. Some minor tweaks of the camera here and there (Welcome to 3D games! :D) will provide a better experience overall.

That’s not to say that I didn’t like your game. It was fun, just way too hard when it didn’t need to be.

The idea seems promising, but you may need something to make the interactible objects stand out more (Like the buttons on the PE teacher scene, for example). I wasn’t able to figure out what was needed to be done after shoveling the grave, though. After doing that, I didn’t know what those two items were, or where do I needed to use them, and if I had to bring them with me, it was a little annoying to move multiple items at the same time.

But overall, the game’s environment does make you feel unconfortable, and I like the minimal use of sound FX to add to that experience. Good job!

The fullscreen doesn’t work on the randomizer view for some weird reason, so I had to go directly to your game’s page in order for it to work. The fix should be easy though, just change the “Viewport dimensions” on your game’s page on It seems to be at 640x360, when, after reviewing some of the dimensions of the page, your game seems to need to be at 960x600.

With all of that aside, I liked the variety of the challenges that you’ve prepared for each level, most of them were unique and fun. The movement felt a little weird at first (in the first coin levels), but after playing some other levels, I realized that it actually feels good with the speed of the game as a whole.

The sound FX at the end were.. a surprise.. haha But great job! Pretty creative use of the assets!

The game, while being a learning project, seems to build a pretty solid base for the core mechanics of a Tactical RPG, so if that was your intention, you definitely achieved it.

This has to be the funniest comment I’ve ever seen! haha First of all, thanks! I’m really glad you liked the game!

Now, you’re definitely right! The number of “chunks” that we’ve worked on was very limited, and the speed of the lava is just too low compared with the speed of the player when the player already knows how to fly effectively. We planned on increasing the speed of the lava periodically, but after some build related issues, and the submission deadline getting closer and closer, we completely forgot! :(

In any case, we already have some things planned to fix some of these issues after the gamejam ends, so I hope you’ll look forward to those!

My friend’s high score is 1334.7m and, as you can see, the lava isn’t even near at that point.

Thanks! Loved your reaction on the stream! I’m really glad people liked it, even though it has some classical game jam flaws. Once the review process is over, we’re definitely gonna tweak some configurations to make it a little harder for more experienced players!

Thanks! We didn’t have the time to do an in-game tutorial, but I’m glad that it can be figured out by playing. The game is difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it turns way easier


I’m really glad that you think that! It may seem so during your first runs, but after getting the grasp of it, the game turns way easier

Those are wise words, my friend, wise words indeed.

(Thanks for playing the game! I’m glad you liked it)

What a great concept, and the implementation of it was flawless. Gotta love the little detail of preventing killing the player when moving the reflection with the arrow keys.

That’d be great! My brother and I would love to see that. Our game is


The music is good, and the idea is great. The controls felt a little clunky though. Also, I’d love to be able to listen to something when rewinding. Aside from that, the game was simple, but good. I liked it! Congrats on your submission

The scene transitions were cool, and the whole retro aesthetics were fun to look at! The main mechanic was simple, and explained in a really effective way. Overall, it was a good game! I liked it

I liked the cinematic feel that the ending had. The puzzle element was pretty simple, but that’s understandable because of this being a jam game. The movement could improve a little, because I find it a little too slow for my taste. Aside from that, I liked the game. I hope you can develop it further after the jam.

(By the way, you missed your opportunity of changing the label of the jam jar to a brackeys logo.. haha)

I like this entry a lot, but it has some minor issues. As other people said, the difficulty curve was a little high, and the mechanics aren’t well explained at the beginning. Also, I find the choice of controls a little bit weird for my personal taste, but that’s probably because I’m already used to a specific control scheme for this kind of games. Overall, the games was great, but needs a couple of improvements. By the way, the graphics and music were amazing, I can’t say anything bad about them. You certainly kept the Celeste feel on that regard.