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Replied to Gmlkz in Bug Reports

Try running this maybe:


Created a new topic Some progress screenshots

Here are some training level updates.


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I've implemented an options menu. It will be included in the next version.

Sorry about the long period of silence. I was busy with other stuff.

The project hasn't been abandoned. I've made some additional improvements:

  • Updated the project to UE 4.16
  • Added options menu and input remapping
  • Replaced almost all placeholder objects
  • Added option to toggle window transparency
  • Added new weapons

Sorry for the lack of communication. I had some personal issues to deal with. As this is a full-time project from now on I'll try to get something out this month.

Why do you not simply rename this game and its characters to something else that's not copyrighted?

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Thanks for your feedback!

I'm now working on bugfixes and polishing the gameplay.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Input freezes after unpausing the game
  • Overpowered enemy vision - enemies now have narrover FOV and only react to fast movement in their peripheral vision
  • Random camera shakes in first person view
  • Player model culling issues
  • Enemies magically noticing murders that they didn't see
  • Player starts appearing in random order on loadout menu
  • Increased delays between NPCs noticing crimes and reporting them
  • Crouching is no longer suspicious (but sneaking still is)

New features:

  • Enemy radar - it displays all the NPCs that can see you
  • Enemies now stop and crouch to check dead bodies.
  • Enemies use mobile phones to call for help

Known Issues:

  • I'm still investigating the unnecessary Vulkan dependency.
Replied to Mokais in Bug Reports

I'll try to remove the Vulkan dependency in the next version. But that's what helped when I tested on my old laptop. Its previous drivers were too old and didn't have Vulkan support.

Replied to ShotPT in Bug Reports

What GPU do you have? Only those that support DX10 and up are supported.

Replied to ShotPT in Bug Reports

Do you have the latest video drivers?

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Haha, it happens. I'm actually from Latvia myself. I graduated a while ago and now work as full time web developer.

Thanks for the video btw. And can you post all the bugs that you encountered (especially those that weren't in the video) in the bug reports thread?

Replied to mithsaxel in Bug Reports

Yeah, not all disguises can be taken. I'll try to make it more obvious.

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Emm, I'm not a student. And I'm not from Czech Republic.

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Can you be more specific? What error messages are you getting?

Created a new topic Bug Reports

As the game is still in pre-alpha it has many bugs. Post them here.