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So the gun fires in the wrong direction, which made that first level awfully confusing. Otherwise, it's an interesting mechanic that's pretty well explored! My major complaint is that a number of the puzzles are more tedious than clever, so can be frustrating going through the motions to solve them when you've figured out the solution.

This is honestly a well done game! It's a cute time waster (I got up to 640 points on my second go), but I don't know how it fits with the theme. After discovering that the cursed controls were simply controls that weren't directly aligned with the camera, it became pretty easy to navigate. If those controls maybe swapped around or had weird effect when you grabbed an point, that would have been a better take, in my opinion.

Well done, regardless!

An entertaining game of tag! I would have liked to see some additional pressure put on the player, though, such as the barrels being a requirement to collect (fuel, for instance), or to beat out the other cars. As is, I was able to hit the win condition by simply hiding in the corner while the rest of the cars did circles.

What a goofy and charming little game! And rolling for the "PG" version of this was a good choice, as every word elicited a good chuckle from me. Well done!

This really isn't bad at all! There's some balance issues, and I think it would have been better to introduce the Goblin before the Demon, but it's otherwise a neat idea!

What I would change is to make things that are more powerful than the Blue Wizard's bolt need to have a trade off, such as lower DPS (like the Orange Wizard's), or shorter range. The Demon has range greater than anyone else's, and since the mobs don't aggro upon taking damage, you can sit just ousdie of the Wizard's range and never take damage.

So my major complaint at the beginning is that it's a point and click adventure, but it's requiring me to press space to advance the dialogue. Being able to just click on the message to continue would be preferable, I think.

Otherwise, the concept isn't bad! Given it's a point and click, I would have focused on letting the player explore and figure things out on their own. You start with an objective of "I'll see if my wife's in the kitchen", and from there, rather than having a big marker that says "Goal", it may have been better for the narration to offer some HINTS as to the objective, and then let the player figure it out.

Also, perhaps having such small items on larger interactables is frustrating. I had been able to click on the desk and the PC, and hadn't realized the cell phone counted as a separate object on its own.

This was delightful and incredibly well executed! The only visual feedback I would have liked was an indicator of how many points a combo was worth, so I could tell getting 4+ cleared more than just 3. Very well done!

Solid concept! The text is a bit small, however, so it was hard to tell at first that the blocks that looked like empty slots were actually deployable.

So the first time I died, the game locked up and had to be restarted. Every time after that, dying cleared the level?

It appears to have frozen up after I died.

The visuals aren't bad, though it would have benefited from a bit of variety in the color (varying shades of grey, as it were). Everything just kind of blends together.

This is about as cursed as it gets.

Without spoiling it for anyone else, a lose condition of some kind would be good.

This was really well executed and a lot of fun! It would benefit from some sounds and music, of course.

My suggestion for the gameplay would be to give a small boost the remaining time on a customer when you give them a rune they're requesting. This could add both a bit of leeway for the player, and also add to the franticness as you check remaining time bars and evaluate who should be served first!

This is entertaining! I won't echo what others have already said, but will say on a respawn, the chest didn't respawn, either.

Not a bad start! A pretty simple platformer with simple movement. In order to enforce the Cursed theme, it would have been nice to see a payoff at the end, such as the Zombie turning into a regular person, etc.

I can't actually play this game as the buttons scrolled off my screen and were unclickable.

What a delightful little tool! It's been perfect for my workflow because it's simple, unobtrusive, and let's me use it how I want to use it. Thank you so much for this tool! It's helping me keep on track with my own Gamedev Path!

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This is a neat idea! It was satisfying being able to blow foes backwards, especially into obstacles!

For some feedback, the following things stood out to me:

  • The player movement isn't satisfying, in my opinion. The speeds of movement, be it horizontal or vertical, is very ponderous and doesn't make it fun to move.
  • The vortex for pushing things is fun to use, but with the way the animation looks, it communicates to the player that they should be aiming it down to keep themselves in the air, despite that not being necessary.
  • I think the addition of the wall-grapple was odd for where it came in. It was relevant to the game for about 20 seconds and one challenge, and I think a more unique use or twist of the main vortex mechanic would have been better, such as a more interesting platforming section, etc
  • Communicating to the player that touching the grey ground is bad isn't
    well communicated. There's a ramp on the side and the use of double jump seems to suggest that touching the "moat" would be just fine, but it wasn't actually.

All in all, I think it's a neat concept, but has some issues with communicating with the player.

Thanks so much for playing, Etra! I deeply appreciate the feedback!

Thanks, Archmagus, and thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for the feedback, Kenney! I'd love to give this a bit of an expansion into something more full-fledged. Thanks for hosting the jam that created this idea!

Thanks so much for the feedback, Jaselito! I definitely agree with everything you've posted, especially the difficulty of figuring out how things start. It's accessibility isn't where I wanted it to be, but ran out of time for optimizations.

Thanks for playing!

I got down to about 4:03 on my second go around!

This was really neat! Played really smooth, and all the sounds tied in really well with the theme.

Just want to add after having gone through a couple of laps, this is really fun! I enjoy the time controls, and some of the surprises on the track were really exciting!

This is actually really good! However, I'm having some major issues with controls while off the course, to the point that it was difficult to get back onto the course. I understand the idea of constricting the player while outside to keep players on track, but perhaps reducing their top speed while still allowing them their ability to steer would be a better route to go.

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This is a REALLY neat idea, but a few things I might change.

  • The camera angle makes it really difficult to know exactly where you're
    placing bombs. Up higher, and possibly isometric, might help.
  • There isn't much of an incentive to slow the rockets because they still pursue the convey and impact. Perhaps putting a max life on them so they detonate after a certain time would better incentivize slowing rockets rather than the turret.

Otherwise, this is well done!

Created for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, DO(N'T) DIE is a game with simple mechanics and a simple goal: dash through enemies and earn the highest score possible. But careful manipulation of your MULTI bar and when you die will be the key to success!

The game was created in 48 hours, with the premise of everything having multiple purposes. I especially wanted to make sure the Title Screen and Death played multiple roles, as well.

Download and play it for free, here!