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When I open the game music starts playing but the screen is full black, if I press Enter buttom then the music stops and appears a text that sais ''Type Error. Cannot read property 'resolution' of undefined''. How can I fix it?

Nice job dude, I'm glad that you could create this game, congrats.

The game felt so sort to me because I was expectating to be something more after you go through that door but it is justificed by  the fact that there'll be a second part in the future (at least we all hope so). Also the art it's so freaking awesome and the animation is perfect. In addition I have to report some bugs, the first one is a full black screen when you try to go from the upstairs to downstairs in the first ''day'',  other one is that when you go to the bathroom from the living room the (I think it was the) ''second day'' then this appears in the screen (I'll add a photograph) and the last one is that one time that I minimized the game when I full sized it it was full black screen. Aside the bugs it was a good experience, hope that you can make your next project successfully.

In fullscreen, it gets like this automatically .

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Also you can enter in room ''B'' with the head in the floor of room ''A'' and then, when the walls close, tp to your head. In this way you will not able to enter in room ''B'' again.

I really like the game but there are some issues. I downloaded the version for Windows and it's like super easy to go over a wall, like you can see in the pictures, and the other thing I think you could change is the enemy's generation when you enter a room, sometimes they spawn in your face and you take a free hit and that's disgusting. Also the minimap and the text of the tutorial is shown almost off the screen. Even all that things I think this can be an awesome game, kind regards.

Bravo! Just a really nice game even with its simplicity.