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Awesome! I am using Godot an was looking for a tool to help generate normals for pixel art sprites, and was disappointed to learn that SpriteIlluminator apparently does not provide an option for y-invert. This is where Laigter came to the rescue!

keep in mind there are keyboard layouts others than QWERTY.

there's also QWERTZ, for which your key mapping is not very friendly  :'(

this could have been solved by mapping not just Z, but also Y to shooting seeds.

just a hint for future projects.

direct URL:

because for some reason, keyboard input isn't working in the iframe (which is only used to pause the game with P or ESC)

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I am a developer looking for an artist or team!

found a team

1. Introduction:

Heyo, I am looking for at least one guy or gal I can tackle this first game jam - which indeed is a first for me - together with. I am a native German speaker, but having lived half a decade in Ireland (where I worked in games publishing), my English is pretty fluent as well.

2. Skills:

  • I've read tons on game design, always enjoyed reverse engineering games, analyzing them, discovering the design decisions behind them, etc. etc., but my knowledge is most concentrated on how to make action combat as juicy as possible.
  • I spent well over a decade building websites, which contributed to a firm grasp on interface design and choice of colors.
  • I am well versed with JavaScript, having build a WebGL game/rendering engine myself.
  • I have recently started practicing pixel art with some decent results with backgrounds (spriting is still beyond me, though I'd love to spend more time trying it out).
  • You can find more on my skills on my personal website.

3. Programs/Languages:

  • JavaScript and CoffeeScript
  • Basic syntax of Ruby and Python
  • Web stuff: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, WebGL and Node.js
  • Very basic experience with Godot and Unreal
  • PyxelEdit
  • Can toy around with Audacity
  • Spent my entire childhood with RPG Maker XP, but I would rather not use it at this point.

4. Portfolio:

Although I have started quite a number of game projects in my past, I sadly never completed something worth mentioning as I struggle with setting goals that are not way too ambitious for one person. My hope is now that this will change with my participation in a couple of game jams, which is why I am here. :)

All I can show you as a reference is my personal website which I set up the other day. It's completely free of 3rd party code (other what browsers provide by default).

5. Contact:

I use ICQ, IRC, TeamSpeak3, and e-mail for communication.
I am willing to checkout Slack or Discord, but would prefer not having to install Skype.
Also active on Twitter.

6. Other:

I don't have any concrete game idea yet, but I have some preferences:

  • Most interested in developing topdown 2D games, but of course that's not a requirement (sidescrollers are fine, too).
  • Very interested in getting more experienced with Godot, an open source game engine that looks very promising to me - but of course not a must.
  • Interested in the core aesthetic of exploration, always having something to discover, etc.
  • Prefer action over turn-based combat.
  • Prefer a more action and less narrative/dialogue oriented game.

I am very flexible with time, not having to work atm, and even if you are sitting on the other side of the planet, I have no problem with being mostly nocturnal.