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Oh...Uhhh...nevermind. How exact does this have to be? I'm trying to time it with an actual stop watch. I also have to go to like...driver's ed later. There's not an achievement connected to any of this, is there?

OH MY GOD... I'm dying. I've been doing this the entire time and opening up the tunnel but I couldn't see it. I ended up screenshotting the game and putting it into krita, overlaying white to brighten it like five times. Dim monitors are the bane of my existence. Pour one out for us idiots with poor vision. You don't know want to know how long I struggled with this

For the tunnel in the museum: Are the notes not the number of sides of the shapes on the wall? Nothing happens when I play them on the trumpet.

is it not possible to use the show picture event command with mv3d? it doesn't work and for some reason i cant find any information about it anywhere, not even on the wiki.

oh my GOD thank you finally

the dialogue in battle is actually very new and i haven't really gotten to messing around with that besides figuring out how to implement it. so i will definitely get back to that and fix grammar and add more variation with the responses.

theres also some facesprite errors that i need to fix, along with compressing and smoothing background music loops because they could repeat more smoothly.

i'm also aware of the repeating event because i also just added that, and i forgot to set it to turn off before i updated the demo LOL. 

the demo does stop at the cave entrance there, that's going to be the final scene of the first dungeon where you finally get to retrieve your weapon and go to the next setting i forgot to update the demo end message there because i was so excited to update it and ask for feedback LOL.

thank you so much for the feedback, my enthusiasm for working on this had kind've dwindled because i wasn't sure at all of what kind of impression it would give to someone playing it for the first time. phew ○| ̄|_

it's @

that is an extremely limited time period...i think i'm just going to withdraw from the jam and just make my own game on my own terms. ten days, seriously? some people actually have responsibilities.

can you make a different way to change the progress? it doesn't work with the onscreen accessibility keyboard. you can not hover over it with the mouse and press a key at the same time

I can not stress how incredible this is. As someone super self conscious to showing my face but loves streaming and playing games, and can't afford the more expensive vtuber software, this is amazing. I can use my own art, I can set expressions as hotkeys, this is seriously incredible. You are amazing.


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I love this game so far hahaha. the style of the backgrounds is sooo pretty, I love the running animations i look like a toddler running around. i love that I can wiggle cats around, and the jiggle physics of the cats are hilarious. this is such an endearing game. i am having a lot of issues with customizing my character though, none of the color changes I make load in the game despite still showing up on my character screen. they all load as white in-game

I've been playing through this a bit, it's a lot of fun! The only thing is that there seems to be a lot of time spent in individual sectors, and not a lot of encounters or things in the roll tables to find within them. I was having a lot of repeats almost immediately, so i started to have to make a bunch of things up before I even really knew a lot abt the setting of the game yet. I don't really like altering the game too much when I'm not confident about the world it involves

i really enjoyed until the ending...there was no conclusion

thank you!

the mail bird seems to be broken for me lately, is this happening to anyone else?

i can't log in anymore? also theres no way to exit the program if it wont let you log in. i have to force close it wit halt+f4 every time because i cant get past the login screen.


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have you considered adding a torrent download option? my internets too slow to download anything bigger than like, 800 MB in less than several hours. downloads that take that long automatically time out, making me unable to download it.this sounds like a really cool idea though, ill check back in an hour to see if the download was successful or timed out on me

update- it managed to download but couldnt unzip it to my desktop. this folder game really goes to show how shitty the windows 10 file explorer is


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i copied over my pages without changing the file name and the reader is still blank? i checked the script and the page names match the ones in the ezmreader file but im not sure why they're not showing up

-update- i downloaded the older script and the old one works, but for the new one all the pages seem to be blank

woah...felt like it ended too soon. i got way more invested in this than i thought i would have. great job

okay! thank you, thats for part of the worldbuilding/narrative building at the beginning of the game right? i think i get it now

what does it mean by "ask left?" like...the person to the left of you?

Wow, this game is beautiful. i didn't know what to expect when i opened it up to be honest. the imagery in each of the individual questions was SUPER cool. im glad that this is one of the first games i bought on