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it's fine i epect questions to happen since i don't flesh out all the rules in the first place but you can do either or since this isn't a super serious jam to me

the only way to cheat is to steal someone else's game. this is a very open thing and i'd like to keep it that way by not confiding everyone to certain engines, maybe in the future but not now.

1) You can start before and the only reason I'm allowing that is because of the creators of previous jams are re-submitting

2)Play-ability: Being in a lewd game jam people tend to forget we're making games and not just Lewd or pornagraphic things. 

3)Yes, you can use existing assets although i would rather you use all original content

I was going to make one based on how popular the jams are since the last two weren't all that popular. we can wait.

I'm so glad you kept working on this, it looks amazing keep up the good work!

Lewd Jam EXTEND community · Created a new topic The End

Thanks for cumming I am happy to announce that this Lewd jam was an amazing success and the next lewd jam starts in August so get ready for that one and many more to come. I'm thankful for all who and and all who enjoyed their games and i will see you all next hopefully.

-Sephrit Sheepington III

sorry for the late reply but i got a few messages saying that people didn't have enough time and some that want to finish past the demo and post it into the lewd jam but after this ends another will be opened up mid 2018

well it's a good thing this lewd jam got EXTENDed

This game is actually pretty good with a leaderboard this would be an awesome app. 87/100

no drama